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You asked... I answered!

Earlier this month, I put up a question box on my stories to see what links, questions or help shopping you needed for the holiday season. I wanted to put the answers in a permanent spot for you to shop before Christmas! I've also saved them to a highlight on Instagram that you can see here. 

Do you ever make clip on earrings? We can convert most of our earrings to clip-ons! Just email us at and we will let you know if the pair you love can be made into clip-ons. 

Will you link your super cute jeans?  Guys I know I've linked these a million times but I LOVE these Mother jeans and wear them literally all the time. 

Your fave hoops for a 12-13 year old girl? The Amalfi Coast hoops are always a favorite! 

What brand of trampoline do you have? It looks like the kids love it! Bryan did a TON of research on this. Growing up, my sister and I begged my parents for a trampoline, but they said that they were way too dangerous, so we wanted to make sure we found one as safe as possible. We love this one and it is amazing! The brand is Acon -our girls jump on it every single day & it has been fantastic!

Do you have a link to the shirt for your husband that you love? I love the brand Faherty for Bryan and saw they had a store in Newport Beach. I found this button down for Bryan and it's made from super soft and stretchy material. It's SO good.

Do you have a favorite layering necklace? My all time favorite is the Triple Layer Everything Necklace. But I also love the Solstice Necklace and the Triple Layer Gold and Disc Necklace.

What ever happened to the couch that wouldn't fit up the stairs?? I was able to sell it to a friend.. it fit her living room perfectly! We bought this sectional from Maiden Home and I LOVE it! My friend Kate had a couch from here and it's so comfortable! 

How do you organize/ store your personal jewelry? I have a few different ways! I have a few of these jewelry stands and I love them because they keep my necklaces from tangling! I also love this one because it comes in silver and gold. This two tiered one would also be great! 

Love your kitchen runner, can you share a link? Thanks! The runner is from @isabellastylenc here in Charlotte. They ship & they can also find exactly what you are looking for if you are looking for a special color combo! Give them a call-the girls there are wonderful! 704.3774919

We have been searching for a bulldog but they are so hard to find. Help! This is our second bulldog and he is such a sweetie! Crosby came from NC and the breeder is Brandon Edge. This is his email:This is our second bulldog and he is such a sweetie! Crosby came from NC and the breeder is Brandon Edge. This is his email:

Do you remember the paint color of the blue room in your old house? Yes! It was Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball. I loved it!

What is a clothing splurge you think is worth it? A great well-fitted blazer! i'll wear them over dresses, traveling, with t-shirts... everything! I love Veronica Beard and Smythe Brand... take a look here

Can you share the contact of who details your car? Didn't you say he was amazing?! CJ is a total dream! He comes to your house and can make any car look like new! When I'm totally stressed out and feel like my car is full of crumbs, dog hair, sippy cups, and sticky stuff from kids…..I can't function. He is so kind, affordable and passionate about making your car PERFECT! It takes about 4-5 hours for the inside & he can also do the outside. It's amazing how much better I feel in a clean car. It's also the best gift to give someone in Charlotte & something totally different that you might not thing about giving yourself. Perfect gift for a mama with kids, your husband, a friend who you carpool with...etc! His number is 980.254.6750 - You can text him! You might want to try to get on his calendar early. He is a busy guy!

A jewlery gift under $100 that everyone loves? The Charlottesville bundle is hands down one of our top sellers that everyone loves! 

Not a question, but I just received my Dress Me Up studs in the mail. Wearing them tonight! They are gorgeous! I'm so glad you like them!! They are one of my favorites too! A fun twist on a stud! 

I remember you wearing a coolI remember you wearing a cool Silver bracelet a while ago from a friend. Details! Yes!! My good friend Noelle makes the coolest jewelry!! She is amazing! I have this bracelet and love it! She makes everything by hand & is one of the most talented women I have ever met! Her pieces are edgy, cool, boho, and the best conversation starters - check her out at @noellemunozjewelry

I want to get my sister a bundle. She is a free spirit & loves to travel. Thoughts? The Sense of Wonder Bundle would be perfect for her!

When will your book be available? It'll be headed to print in February and will take about 6-8 weeks to print! 

Who makes the gold initial ring you always wear? Kristin Hayes! She makes the most beautiful pieces. 

Do you have a link to the cute sweater vest Kimberly was wearing? I do! and here are the jeans she was wearing too. She always has the cutest outfits - I have more of her outfit links in this blog post



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