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Favorite Things Party 2022

It's time to give you the top picks from the "favorite things" party! My friend Lisa has been doing this party for years and it is a blast!

We all bring 3 of the same item (our top favorite thing of the year) and we take turns talking about why this specific thing is THE BEST! Everyone puts their name in a bowl (your write your name 3 times on 3 different pieces of paper and put it in the same bowl). After you talk about your item, you pick three random names from the bowl and give your item to the names of the people on the pieces of paper. Each person brings three of the same item and goes home with three different items. It's actually so hard to think of your favorite thing of the whole year. It's best to set a budget with your friends - the budget is usually between $20-$30. 

When we arrive at Lisa's house, she is ready! We get so excited about this party all year long! We usually put all of the gifts on trays on her dining room table. There were some goooood things this year!! 

First up, this Amika hair mask, this hair mask is supposed to be amazing!! Helps give life back to your hair...restores health, split ends, shine, and leaves hair 7 times more moisturized! 

These hair ties are fabulous. They come in tons of colors and the best part is no damage or crease! 

This is THE BEST traveling blanket/pillow/slides on to carry-on handle all in one! I bought it while we were sitting there because I didn't get it!

Everyone flipped out about this curler. You just press a button and the curler automatically curls your hair without you doing a thing. Several of the girls in the room had this and raved about it! She found it on sale earlier in the year!! Definitely a hot ticket item!

This slouch oversized tunic! So cute with leggings. Great to wear Christmas morning - cozy and comfortable! 

Next up... I bought this while I was watching her do the demo! It's the most amazing milk frother. I wish I had filmed the demo she gave but they made me an iced oat milk latte with honey and all my dreams came true. My kids have been using it for hot chocolate too. It just makes you feel extra special! 

Everyone was obsessed with these eye patches!! Keep them in the fridge for any extra cool treat. I ordered them this morning as I'm writing this post because I forgot to order them the night of the party. Apparently they help firm and lift abs are awesome!

Holidays are here. Bottles are poppin' - bring on the bubbly! These champagne bottle stoppers will keep you bubbles fresh for up to 10 days!!!! Fabulous! We used one a few weeks ago and they work great!

I talked about this last week when I was in Montclair for a jewelry show and stayed at Bobbi Brown's hotel. @jonesroadbeauty is her new make-up line and this miracle balm is awesome. Been using it every single day. This was one of the items I came home with at the favorite things party and I was so happy when my name was drawn. I really do love it. When I posted about it, lots of you DM'd me telling me how much you love this product too!

Another gal brought the kitchen towels from My friend kate introduced me to them about 6 months ago and they are awesome kitchen towels because they are so absorbent and get better the more you wash them.

This sleeping mask was a favorite. It's great & I've been using it for about a year. I use it on my kiddos for dry lips too.

I came home with this cuticle oil. First time in my life I've used cuticle oil & I'll never go back! I had no idea I needed this!!

This portable Bluetooth speaker was another winner. Comes in all different sizes. It's waterproof & sound is great. Bring to the beach with friends, camping, bonfire, skiing, outdoor party....every event needs music.


Lisa... If you're reading this... can we do a favorite things party in the spring?! 



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