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The Evil Eye symbolizes protection and luck and is a symbol we’ve carried throughout our jewelry for the past decade. The softest, coolest, one-of-a-kind robe and I am totally in love! One size fits all! 

This robe is made by legendary traditional Anatolian hand-woven technique.
Made of Premium Quality finest Turkish Cotton which had been grown since ancient ages.

The Fabric is 3 layers of natural cotton muslin. 

It has traditional Evil Eye patterns on a beautiful natural cotton ecru base.

Every single Kimono has unique handprints.

One size Evil Eye Turkish Towel Kimono Kaftan Bathrobe is generously fitted and has a self-fabric belt, double belt loops and an inside hanger loop.

When you buy and use this product you will be part of and supporting Slow Fashion, Sustainable Production, Natural Textile, Eco Friendly Production, Fair Trade, Environmentally Production, Ethically Made Fashion and Ethical Textile.