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Our whirlwind trip to Salt Lake City

If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that we traveled to Salt Lake City for a pop-up at The Food Nanny store with my dear friend Heather from Meanwhile Back on the Farm, Lizi (@thefoodnanny) and Annie (@anniesfinds_). If you missed it, both Heather and I curated collections with Lizi and Annie - so this trip was a way for their local followers to meet and shop with us in person! We had the BEST time!! We were only there for about 36 hours but Lizi and Annie were the greatest hostesses and we packed in as much in as we could! 

Heather flew in from Virginia and met us in the Charlotte airport for our flight to Salt Lake! I always love to go through her bag because you never know what you're going to find 😂 Heather traveled with the Birch White Leather Envelope Clutch and Crossbody with the Green Chevron Crossbody Strap and the The Food Nanny Limited Edition Leather Travel Tote. She had a huge spool of ribbon because her bag was overweight, a Meanwhile Back on the Farm Hat, Smarter Not Harder by Dave Asprey, The Liberty of London Ditty Bag full of her travel essentials, the Blue Raz Leather Sling Bag and the Virginia Leather Envelope Wallet. I have this wallet too and I LOVE it -  it wears over time in the most incredible way.

I carried my tried and true Camouflage Wax Canvas Adventure Tote. I've had this bag for at least six years, and it literally goes everywhere with me. Megan traveled with the Black Leather Envelope Clutch and she swapped out the strap to the beautiful Blue Italian Webbing Crossbody Strap. 
Each purse, clutch, tote, and wallet is hand-made by Heather and her incredibly talented team at Meanwhile Back on the Farm

On the way there, we were all sporting pieces from the collections we curated with Lizi and Annie. Heather was wearing the Kamut Necklace, Megan was wearing the Sea Salt Necklace and Heart Toggle Necklace, and I was wearing the Heartbreaker Necklace, The Sunkissed Necklace, and the Annie Necklace. Be sure to checkout both Lizi and Annie's Collections - we added some new pieces, like the Freshwater Ocean Pearl Necklace, Bahama Mama Gemstone BraceletBits of Joy Necklace, Huggies Sherbet Sunrise Hoops and the North Star Necklace to each while we were in Utah! 

We had quite the delay due to something that has never happened to any of us before... someone had to be removed from our flight! He was not being very polite and was asked to leave which caused a two hour delay. By the time we touched down in Utah it was about 1:15am Charlotte time, but we still hit the ground running! We loaded up all SEVEN of our checked bags and headed to the hotel where we were greeted with beautifully assembled gift baskets from Annie and Lizi! 

The next morning, since we were still on EST, we were up super early, and decided to grab coffee and walk around the city. Salt Lake City is so beautiful and we loved it because it was just so different than what we were used to, not to mention we had perfect weather! We stopped at a Walgreens to grab some essentially for the day... when I get nervous I have to buy sharpies!! You guys, I LOVE a walgreens, there's just something about the travel section that makes me giddy. 

By 8:30, we were heading to the Food Nanny Store where we quickly got to work setting up, and getting ready for the show! I was a little nervous going into this event, and I have never packed this much jewelry in my whole entire life, but the show was better than I could’ve ever imagined, thanks to you!! We were so amazed by all of the incredibly kind people who showed up to support and meet us - you all were amazing!! I am truly so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be surrounded by such an incredibly supportive community. We had so much fun!! 


When we showed up, Annie and Lizi were sporting their favorites from both their Erin McDermott Jewlery and Meanwhile Back on the Farm collection (they also collaborated with Kopal (remember our Table Linen Collaboration?). Annie wore the Annie's Finds Limited Edition Leather Signature Tote with Ruffle, and inside, she stashed the Annie's Finds Limited Edition Quilted Clutch. She paired it with the Sunkissed Necklace, North Star Necklace, and the Annie NecklaceLizi wore The Food Nanny Limited Edition Rose Leather Sling Bag and paired it with the Lizi NecklaceFriendship Necklace, Huggies Sherbet Sunrise Hoopsand the Hot Pink Resin Bracelet

We were starving after the show! We headed over to Annie's house for some pizza, it was from Nomad East (it was so good!!) and candy - she used to own a candy store and has glass jars full of candy all over her house. Annie's house is right out of a story book. It's just so dreamy and on the cutest street... tons of kids, sidewalks, the prettiest trees and views of the mountains. 

Next we took a drive to Lizi's house outside of Park City - the views were unbelievable - it was the most beautiful drive. The views from Lizi's front yard were out of this world, I would LOVE to wake up to that every morning! If you follow Lizi (@thefoodnanny), you know the magic that comes from her kitchen. The vintage cutting boards, the dishes, the warmth and goodness coming out of here was almost too much to handle… so beautiful. And her farm!! I can't even handle it. 

Lots of the cool pieces in their homes were from Beljar Home, Lizi's sisters own this store and we went to it later in the afternoon - it was so cool! 

When you're with The Food Nanny you know that the food is going to be amazing... we grabbed dinner at Twisted Fern. The food was incredible. Not only was each item a work of art, but the combinations of ingredients were so unique and delicious.

The entire day felt like 5 days bundled up into one. We were so grateful to see Lizi & Annie's life here in Utah..we met their families, visited their favorite places and tried to fit everything we possibly could into 1.5 days. I can't wait to bring Bryan and the girls back here! 

The next morning we were so sad to leave! We had walked by the cutest Boulangerie on our walk the previous morning and headed there for breakfast - it had amazing croissants and avocado toast! On the way home you know I was sporting my Good Luck Socks plus we were sporting our new Guerande Sweatshirts! 

At the airport we were those people on the curb trying consolidate! I bought a rug at Beljar Home (this isn't it but it's close!). The colors were just too unique to pass up! I also checked luggage because I wasn't traveling with Bryan...he will only let me do carry-on for this exact reason: so I don't leave the state and bring home rugs and anything else I can get my hands on that will fit into an empty suitcase!!

There are almost no words to describe how much I enjoyed this weekend. When you have a shared passion for hard work, supporting one another, family, friends, fun, and adventure - that's where the magic happens! Thank you to Lizi and Annie for having us in Utah - we love you! 


P.S. Thanks so much for reading along... please use code "Utah20" at checkout for 20% off the collection tonight! 

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