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Sweet Summertime!

Summer started for the girls!! 

My in-laws scooped the two older girls away as soon as they got out of school and Gwynnie had some one on one time with Bryan and I this week! We taught her how to ride a bike - she was SO excited!! We started on the grass and then moved to the parking lot! She loved it!! She now feels like she is "officially" a big girl.

We went to our local favorite, Stagioni's for dinner one night.. Gwynnie loves it because she gets to cut the pizza with scissors. We also tried out The Rosemont for the first time! Loved the atmosphere and there was lots of outdoor seating!

They served small dishes to share... we kicked it off with the arugula and kale salad, tried the hamachi crudo, crispy fingerling potatoes and scallops. But I will be honest.... my favorite was the pasta from the kids menu!! I could bathe in their salted butter :) 

We also dropped Georgia off at camp this weekend! 31 years ago my parents dropped my off in the same place and I came home seeing things a little bit differently...I realized that every"can't" can turn to a "can" jellyfish stings & ant bites are just temporary, camp songs are the best songs, being homesick is just a reminder of how loved i am, grape bug-juice and ice tastes really good on a hot day, but mostly I learned that when you get out of your comfort zone & trust yourself...good things can happen. Go fly, Georgie've got a sweet soul of fire and I'm so proud of you.


A note on preorders! 

You might have noticed that we added a "pre-orders" tab to the website.... Many times our items sell-out quickly and for that reason, we offer pre-orders. A pre-order allows you to place your order before the actual item is ready to be sent. When the item is ready, you will be first in line to receive your order.  Pre-orders will be shipped on the date in the title of the piece. Because many of these pieces go through multi-step precesses and they are currently being produced, often times the dates can change. If we have a shipping date change, we will make sure to email you and let you know the expected change. If you order multiple pieces at once and would like the other items in your order shipped before the pre-order, feel free to reach out to


My new favorite pieces and restocks you might have missed...

You guys LOVED the Be Cool Neon Clutchso we had a hot pink version made just for us!! I always love to match hot pink and turquoise and think that clutch would look awesome paired with the Saturday Afternoon Necklace - we only have a handful left! Our new French Lavender Fields Necklace is the perfect periwinkle color with two tones and shapes of stones. The Strolling Through Provence necklace launched this week - the colors are so lovely!! I've been searching for these blackberry gemstones and we finally have them for you! This week we also restocked: the Summer in Paris NecklaceNew York Bracelet Bundle, Kindness Resin Necklace, All About Fun Necklace, Double Layer Heart Necklace, Ocean Agate Bookends, Brooke Necklace and the Coco Necklace

Some recent layering ideas we've shared... 

This look above has been on repeat for me so far this summer... I've layered the Maui Sunset Necklace with the Full of Joy Necklace and the Tiny Beaded Rectangle NecklaceI also love to pair the Maui Sunset with the Heartbreaker Necklace.

Here I layered the Coco Necklace with the new French Lavender Fields Necklace

To dinner one night this week I wore the Dancing Queen Clutch - the embroidery is a mix of metallic and gold and it pairs perfectly with everything! The wood handle gives a unique twist for summer nights! I paired it with the Heart Toggle Necklacethe Mother of Pearl Studs and the Beach Stone NecklaceThe Beach Stone Necklace would also look great paired with the Winter White Stone Necklace, Summer in Paris NecklaceSoho Necklace, Essential Gold Chain, or the Paris Cafe Necklace

Here I layered the Tiny Beaded Rectangle Necklace with the Friendship Necklaceand the Folly Beach Necklace


On the way to drop Georgia off at camp I wore the Heart Toggle NecklaceBeach Stone Necklace and the Sunkissed Necklace!

I don't have a picture but, the Carrie Necklace is great paired with the Star Toggle Necklace and the Palm Beach Necklace.


 Lizi and Annie have added new pieces to their collections! 

The Bits of Joy Necklace is new to Lizi's Collectionit is so cute paired with the other pieces in her collection, The Food Nanny Triple Strand Necklace, Kamut Necklace, Fannie Necklace, Hot Pink Resin Bracelet and the Sherbert Sunrise HoopsAnd we just added this turquoise gemstone necklace to her collection too! Annie added the Sunkissed Necklace and the North Star Necklace to her collection - they both look great with the Annie Necklace


This week I worked on new quote cards...

I always love to use my jewelry for the background of the cards.I always love to use my jewelry for the background of the cards. Thanks for all the quote suggestions you have given me! If there is an inspirational quote you love, please email us at! I take a photo with my phone and we'll write out the quote in the middle and have them printed and sent to you. I've been doing this for years and including them in packaging and it always makes me so happy when you tell me that you keep them in your wallet or your car or out them on your bathroom mirror. I always keep a few in my pocket and give them to friends who need a little pick-me-up. Growing favorite book was "chicken soup for the soul" - do you remember that book? I would save up my money from working at Baskin Robbins and buy them from Costco. I would read the short stories over and over again. I follow @goodnews_movement on Instagram and the little clips remind me of that.

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