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Recap from Stories - Endless Possibilities Necklace, Sea Island Hoops, Shop Hours, and a Special Partnership with a Non-Profit

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

I shared like ten different things on stories Wednesday, so I wanted to consolidate everything into one blog post. Don't you wish instagram stories lasted more than 24 hours?? I know I do!! 

In the morning, I tuned in to stories from The Room, our super cute storefront at 1218 East Blvd that I share with two fabulous ladies, Noelle (@noellemunozjewelry) and Kristin (@kristin_hayes_jewelry). Noelle will be at the store today and tomorrow from 11-2, so if you're in the area, feel free to stop by!! And if you guys followed along on stories the other day ... you probably saw that I have a new item at the store that hasn't even hit the website yet ... there may or may not be a sneak peak below, but it's coming soon and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!

Another new addition to the collection is our Endless Possibilities Necklace!! I have been dreaming about this color combo for a few weeks now and finally brought it to reality. I only have enough stones to make 14 of them, but I hope you love the colors as much as I do! In stories I paired it with our Golden Hour Necklace and another newer piece that I recently showed off, our Free Fallin' Necklace. I love how these three necklaces look together, and how they paired with my blouse from Talulah (@shoptalulah)Madi Nelson's amazing boutique. Her style is so cute and everything is so affordable!!

A few more jewelry pieces that I shared this week are the Sea Island Hoops and the Paris Cafe Necklace. The Sea Island Hoops are recent add to the collection, and are made out of recycled beach glass. I love the peachy hue!! You're not going to want to miss out on these. This necklace can be worn three different ways: looped one time for longer look, looped twice and adjusted for a short and long look, or looped three times for a shorter, statement-style necklace. It's so versatile, and I love the variety of Amazonite stones. 

As you guys know, we love working with non-profits, and try to work with 15-20 non-profits a year. Sometimes we do a special bracelet that we donate the proceeds for, sometimes we do a shopping night, sometimes we donate a portion of our online sales ... we like to do whatever's best for the foundation. Right now we are partnering with the WARDS Foundation. It's such a cool foundation, and stands for Working to Advance Rare Disease Support, and helps educate, guide, and provide resources for children and adults that are affected by rare diseases to help make their lives easier. I love this foundation, I know a few people involved with it, and what we're doing is something different... we're donating a percentage of our sales, and you also get a little discount with it. Head over to @wardsfoundation is to see what the special treat is. 

Last but not least ... Greensboro friends!! Mark your calendars!! We will be at the Merry Merry Market in Greensboro (@merrymarketgso) on Wednesday, November 15th from 9-5. This is one of my favorite shows, and I've love to see some of you there!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week, and we'll chat soon!



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