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Our New Evil Eye Robes are Here!! Introducing the ... Ripe Avocado Lucky Evil Eye Robe!!

Friends!! Two days ago, the most recent batch of Evil Eye Robes arrived from Istanbul, and this time, we have them in a new color!! This is one of my top three favorite colors ever! This sage/olive/avocado color is so flattering on everyone and I'm so excited to finally be able to share these robes with you!! 

The Evil Eye symbolizes protection and luck, and is a symbol we’ve carried throughout our jewelry for the past decade. Each robe is hand-block printed in Turkey which means that every single robe is completely unique and special to you!! It also means that production takes a little bit longer, but it's always worth the wait, because not only are these robes so incredibly soft, the artistry is just amazing!! It's such a beautiful piece. 

I've had a lot of you ask for a turquoise necklace with smaller stones, and I'm excited to finally introduce the Tiny Bits Turquoise Necklace! My friend Liza, who used to help me in the studio all the time, came into town yesterday, and the two of us sat at the dining room table and made these necklaces all afternoon. It's funny because if you've met me, you know that I bounce around to different projects throughout the day ... but when it comes to making jewelry, I can hyper-focus and completely block the world out. I could seriously do this for hours and hours and hours, which is why I couldn't be more grateful for your support, and love for our brand. Because of you, I get to do what I love most! 

Here's a photo so you can see how the size of this new turquoise stone compares to the stones in our other gemstone necklaces. Here it's pictured with the Frosted Ice Gemstone Necklace! 

Another piece that I featured on stories that I think looks super cool with the Evil Eye Robe and our Tiny Bits Turquoise Necklace is our Moonstone Glass Bracelet. I love the colorful hue of this opalescent stone!! Every angle catches just the light in the most beautiful way. We also have a necklace made out of these stones ... it's our Moonstone Glass Necklace. Beautiful on its own, or layered with other necklaces, I just love the luminous, iridescent glow of this piece. 

I hope you guys are as excited about these robes as I am!! We have limited quantities, so if this beautiful piece is catching your eye, definitely grab it while you can. Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll chat soon.



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