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Things That Made Me Happy This Week!

Hi Friends! I hope you're enjoying these 'weekly roundups' as much as I enjoy putting them together for you. Just like last time, here's a mix of jewelry, music, books, decor and a few other odds & ends that make me happy! 

Ghanian Fans - We don't have many more of these beauties left!! Inspired by the regal fans once used by Ghanaian queens, these striking pieces unite West African heritage with modern design. If you want to read more about the story behind them, click here!

Guerande CrewneckIf you don't already follow or know about  Lizi (@thefoodnanny) on Instagram, she takes a group to France each summer and they go to the coolest places! One of which is Guerande! She sells this sweatshirt on her website - and it's where the salt she carries is harvested! Plus we just added the North Star Necklace and a bunch of other cool pieces to her collection!

9 to 5 PodcastI love this podcast because it's only 30 minutes but it's packed with interesting stories and business expertise. Each week the co-founders of the Skimm talk to leaders from so many different industries. Super cool!! 

Napa Valley HatIf you haven't heard we're headed to a ranch for the week, and this is the perfect hat for the occasion!! Plus it folds up so it's perfect for travel!

Nora EarringsAren't these just the most fun summer statement earrings?! 

Love Wins Trinket DishThese are all hand-made by a local artist here in charlotte and this phrase stands as a good reminder each day. Love wins. Love always wins. Love for all. Love for others. Love for yourself. 

Monterey Braceletsthese bracelets are the perfect pop of turquoise you can add to any outfit! Plus they are stretchy so they fit most wrists! 

Water Views Coffee Table BookYou know I love my coffee table books! I use this one for backgrounds for some of my jewelry photography all the time! 

Indigo Blue Mineral TableclothIf you love entertaining in the summer time like we do, you have to check these out! 

Bistro Tile Dinner PlatesSalt & Pepper Shakers and Nut Bowls from Anthropologie - I mean how adorable!! Reminds me of a French cafe! 

Kopal DressI can't get enough of my Kopal dresses this summer, I can't wait to see what she has coming for fall!

'There She Goes' by the La La's - I feel like I always have a song of the week that gets stuck in my head so I listen on repeat!!

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