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Food Nanny Favorites ... and a Few (New) Surprises!!

Are you guys living vicariously through Lizi (@thefoodnanny) the way I am as she adventures through France with the Fannies? The pastries, the small shops, the fashion, and food ... I can't get enough. I just love it! 

I'm sure a lot of you remember the collection that Lizi and I put together a few months ago, and I'm super excited to share that we've added a few more pieces to the collection that we picked out just for her trip!! 

Starting off with the French Market Necklace. Do we love the bright colors or what? They make me so happy, and I especially love how it looks paired with the Bits of Joy Necklace. Throw on the Hot Pink Resin Bracelet and there's no way this combo won't add a little sunshine to your day. So many bright, beautiful shades.

Next up we have our favorite, the Fannie Necklace. I have always loved how dainty and delicate this necklace is, and I couldn't wait to pair it with the French Macaron Necklace, a recent addition to the collection. The pink beads in each necklace pair perfectly and the colors are so fun for the summer! 

Today on the ranch I was wearing the Food Nanny Triple Strand Necklace, an original piece in the collection. I love a neons pink or yellow with almost any outfit - it’s like a neutral! I especially love how the yellow compliments the turquoise in the North Star Necklace

I'm excited to bring you to the Guèrande Necklace. These beautifully bright gemstone beads add a fun pop of color to the Starbright Necklace. One of my favorite things about the Starbright Necklace is the subtle sparkle the beads give in the light!! So cute, and fun!
And last but not least, we have another classic from the collection ... the Lizi Necklace. Throwing on this necklace is an easy way to elevate a simple outfit. A lot of times you'll find me in a white t-shirt and jeans with these two necklaces layered up, and sometimes even a third. You know me!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week!! xoxo- Erin

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