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The HEART of Erin McDermott Jewelry & Heather Opal Art

At Erin McDermott Jewelry, you will find jewelry, textiles, and accessories that allow you to express your personality. I love partnering with other small businesses that share that mission. After seeing local Charlotte artist Heather Opal’s pieces and hearing her story, I knew we had to create something beautiful together. Heather is a UNCC alumnus who studied Art and inspired by travels to create artwork. She also began painting hearts for a local family experiencing a devastating loss. Heather Opal Artwork and the Heather Opal Heart Fund started as a contribution to the world and immediate community. 

I admire her paintings and Door Charms™️, so I am excited to share the With Love Door Charm™️ we created for you! We drew the heart, and Heather painted it with colors inspired by our California Coast necklace. The heart shaped accessories are an array of symbols and inspire joy through their vibrant colors. Made from high quality materials, the Door Charm™️ can withstand outdoor elements. Waterproof ink on a waterproof board ensures your Door Charm™️ will continue to look amazing on your front door yearly! See details and care instructions below. 

From jewelry to the artwork we choose for our homes, these accessories are extensions of ourselves that we wish to express to others and improve community.

 With Love Door Charm™️ inspired by the California Coast necklace 


I love how the With Love Door Charm™️ complements various front door colors! Check out our Instagram reel of how we styled our studio front door and tag @erinmcdermott1 with yours!

 Door Charm Details

  • Size: 20 in x 26 in x 0.24 in
  • Materials: Waterproof UV ink on water resistant board.
  • Hanging apparatus: Clear picture hanging wire attached to the back

Care Instructions

How to hang and care for your Door Charm

  1. Using the clear picture hanging wire attached to the back,hang the Door Charm from a hook, nail, or wreath hanger.  For additional security use a Command Velcro Strip to adhere the Door Charm to the door or wall
  2. Use a soft clothwith to wipe away dust, dirt, or fingerprints. 
  3. Safely store your Door Charm in the original shipping wrap and box. 

*Always hang your Door Charm on the outermost door.  Do not hang it on the inside of a glass storm door.  For best results, use a Command Velcro strip to adhere the Door Charm to the door or wall.


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