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Gratitude Charm Collection

Creating new collections allows my dreams to become reality. The Gratitude Charm Collection is here and one I wanted for a long time with a holiday launch date. Holidays cultivate gratitude by joining family and loved ones while allowing for moments of acknowledgment and thanks.

The Gratitude Charm Collection cultivates various aspects of our brand with thoughtfully curated necklaces. Each stone creates healing properties and stories to share with friends and family. I love talismans, stones, and good luck charms which are classic symbols of love and femininity, so I wanted to bring it all together in this collection. These necklaces will remain a staple in our collection.

Details: 15.5”. Each piece in our Gratitude Charm Collection is made of semi-precious stones which have been admired for centuries for their supposed healing properties, significance, and beauty!

Shop the Gratitude Charm Collection in two easy steps:

1) Select your gemstone.

2) Once you select your gemstone, select your charm preference. Note: All charms can be removed and worn with the carabiner clasp shown in the front or back.

 Want to add an additional charm to your gemstone necklace? Shop the charms on their own!

Prefer a chain necklace instead of gemstone? No problem! Choose from a textured gold chain or rectangle chain. Wear your individualized Gratitude Charm necklace, and let it be your daily joy with a charm that speaks your intentions and a reminder of the beautiful journey you're navigating.


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