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Layers on Layers

There are several benefits to laying your favorite jewelry pieces beyond following trends. Layering is a perfect way of expressing your style. You can create an individualized look featuring your favorite accessories with nominal effort. Layered necklaces are perfect to amplify any outfit. They make your style seem effortless yet intentional. You can layer your necklaces with any outfit type with a different layering style. Here are some of our favorite layers!

Layered Look #1

Strength within - Find a deep, unstoppable belief in yourself with this gold chain necklace. The core strength of our being feeds and empowers our mental and physical strength daily.

All You Need Is Love Turquoise –Promote positive energy, enhance creativity, and bring balance with this gorgeous raw turquoise stone and gold accent bead necklace.

Nourish the Soul Freshwater Pearl necklace - Pearls are known to enhance personal integrity, and bring truth forward, and we love their ability to add class to any outfit.

Strolling Through Provence – These gorgeous deep colors remind us of beautiful olive groves, clear skies, vineyards, and endless golden sunflower fields in the distance.

Layered Look #2

Julie Necklace - A delicate disc and rectangle shape bring together a delicate abs’ chic look.

Nourish Your Soul Freshwater Pearl - Pearls are known to enhance personal integrity, and bring truth forward, and we love their ability to add class to any outfit. 

Tutto Passo Gemstone Necklace - “Tutto passa” aka: ‘Everything Passes' is an Italian saying that reminds us of the impermanence of life, to be resilient in the face of adversity, and to appreciate the beauty in every moment.

Layered Look #3

Hammered Heart Toggle Necklace - Choose self-love and add this hammered heart and a thick rectangle chain to your necklace collection.

Cotton Candy Necklace - Pink colored stones can promote love, beauty, and positive self-image.

Saltwater Taffy Necklace – The perfect complement to cotton candy, this strawberry shade brightens up your face!

Layered Look #4

Tiny Beaded Rectangle Necklace - Little gold nugget beads pair beautifully with small gold rectangles and perfect for any age!

 Charleston Afternoon Necklace

Calm Waters Gemstone Necklace – Beautiful shades of blue, turquoise, indigo, cream and mint makes a color palette perfect for every outfit.


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