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Styling the Vanilla Iced Latte Necklace, the Fresh Powder Necklace, and the Jackson Hole Clutch!

Hi Friends!

I am on the flight heading back from Aspen, Colorado. I"m feeling mentally  refreshed (and physically a little tired) after two days of crisp, mountain air and non-stop Go-go-go! You know that's the way I like it...trying to get the most out of every minute! Like most of my travels, this was a super quick trip (not even 48 hours), and when you have a limited amount of time in one place, you fill it with as much as you can. 

I met up with two mid my close friends, Carrie and Tina. Carrie and Tina live in Newport Beach, California and a couple times a year, we’ll choose a fun place to meet up for a few days. We travel really well together and have visited some awesome places. Feel free to scroll back to our previous blog posts to read more about our travels.  Tina loves researching places beforehand and usually creates a loose itinerary for us. Sometimes we follow it and sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants, but she always has the best restaurant recommendations. I also always ask my good friend, Mariel O’Brien, for her "must-see" places when we travel so between the two of them, we are good-to-go!

I arrived on a Tuesday and after a few work meetings (fingers crossed for some new updates soon on stores in Aspen carrying our jewelry line) I was ready for a late lunch. The girls weren’t arriving until later in the afternoon so I went to Meat & Cheese (ya’ll it was so yummy and the vibe was great), called my mom in Virginia, and she “joined” me for lunch via Facetime! Afterwards, I walked around Downtown Aspen, grabbed a Vanilla Iced Latte from Alpina (formerly Local Coffee), tried on some boots and Miron Crosby, scoped out some very cool hats at Kemo Sabe & Nick Fouquet, saw some gorgeous artwork & learned about some very cool makers at Pitkin Projects, and made a note to myself to go back to the Aspen Art Museum and have a cocktail on the top deck. I received a call from the Hotel Jerome letting me know that our room was ready. After checking into the hotel (I’d definitely recommend the Hotel Jerome), the girls arrived and we had a (second) lunch at at The White House Tavern. We spent a few hours catching up over sandwiches and fries (when the three of us are together, conversation is always non-stop) and decided to explore a little more. We were all exhausted from a full day of travel, but got a second wind and pushed through for dinner at Betula! We had hopes of having an after-dinner cocktail at the hotel bar, J-Bar, but we crashed early and we all slept like rocks!

The next day, we went to Spring Cafe for breakfast & it was fabulous!!  We fueled up for a long bike-ride to the the Maroon Bells! If you go to Aspen, rent E-bikes and do this. The Marron Bells are two peaks in the Elk Mountains and truly one of the most gorgeous sites I have ever seen! Lunch Was at the Little Nell & we couldn’t narrow down dinner (too many good places to choose from) so we started at Clarks Oyster Bar and finished with Sushi at Matsuhisa. The next morning I woke up before the girls and walked through Downtown Aspen one more time before heading back to the airport. Early morning walks are always my favorite and I love how quiet and calm everything is in the early morning. It gives me time to really experience being there…looking in store windows, taking a moment to watch the sunrise over the mountains, breathing in mountain air and absorbing color patterns and textures that always give me inspiration to bring into our collection. From exploring cute coffee shops around town, to cruising through the mountains, and I am exhausted in the best way possible from all of the fun that we had.

As you guys know, I can only keep surprises for so long, so while I was in Colorado, I released a few new pieces, and I wanted to recap them for you guys here. Starting with the Vanilla Iced Latte Necklace. It's no surprise that I love my dainty layering pieces, and the icy blue hues of this necklace remind me of winter, and my favorite pick me up when the seasons change ... an iced vanilla latte. In true Colorado form, we had to throw in the Fresh Powder Necklace, which is currently on the website for $44 (originally $88). If you've followed us for a while, you know that we offer a special launch price on all of our new pieces for the first 24 hours, so definitely grab this one while you can!! Another fan favorite lately has been our Starbright Necklace. I love the subtle sparkle that this necklace adds to any stack. 

Remember when I said that I'm not good at keeping surprises? Well here's another new necklace that I've been so excited to share with you all!! This is our Glacier Lake Necklace. This beautiful piece is constructed with semi-precious stones, and a stunning ice quartz pendant. Amazing on its own, or paired with other layering pieces, this necklace is a total eye-catcher, and I hope you're as excited about it as I am!! I'm linking the coffee table book that was in our hotel room because I thought it was so cool, and then here's one more pair of earrings that I absolutely love. The Alpine Bohemia Earrings are so whimsical and I love how easily they pair with other pieces in this collection. 


You guys probably though the surprises were over, right? Here's one more for you. I'm feeling festive!! I'd like to introduce you to our newest clutch, the Jackson Hole Clutch. I absolutely love the texture of this clutch. Perfect for fall and winter, this clutch is a statement piece, and the perfect size for your essentials. 

That was so fun!! I hope you're all having an amazing week so far. I flew from Aspen to Dallas and currently on the last leg of our trip from Dallas to Charlotte. I'm looking forward to recapping my travels for you all in our Sunday Note. Stay tuned!!

xoxo, Erin

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