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Our Fans from Ghana are Here!

Friends! Our fans from Ghana are finally here, and that wouldn't be possible without the help of my dear friend Adoma. 

Backstory: Adoma is one of my closest friends from college. We met during our freshman year at UVA and became fast friends. We traveled to New York together, we had the same sense of humor, we spent countless hours in the art studio, and we just clicked instantly.  Fast forward 20 years and today she is an award winning filmmaker, producer, and educator. She has been a professor at Harvard and Georgetown and you can take a look at her work HERE. 

When she was home visiting her family in Ghana, she sent me two of these beautiful fans. She gifted them to me because the colors reminded her of my jewelry, and since she knew I was branching into lifestyle, she thought that I'd love these. She wasn't wrong! The moment I received the fans, I called her right away and asked if there was any possible way for me to share them with you all, and to my surprise, after she chatted with her family and friends, she was able to work with artisans in Africa to have them made for us. 

These fans are called Bolga Fans and are made in Bolgatanga, a small town in the northern region of Ghana. Each individual fan is made of a special straw called Elephant Grass, and are woven completely by hand. Andoma continued to explain to me that each fan goes through a 'meticulous 8-step process that takes up to a day to complete.' I was so blown away by the intricate, and in-depth techniques.

No two fans are the same, but they are all designed with inspiration from the regal fans that were once used by Ghanian queens, which is why we chose to name each individual fan after awesome women who have changed history. 

These fans can be used for what they're originally designed for, but they can also be used as strikingly beautiful decor pieces. Whether you're looking to add some color to your space, or are in need of an accent piece for your cozy nook, these fans are so versatile, and I am so excited to share them with you!

Adoma - I am so grateful for our friendship, and all of the adventures we've shared. Thank you for making this possible. XOXO, Erin. 

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