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New arrivals, the last few days of summer, and some of my current favorites!

We've launch SO many new pieces this week! 

You know I have no patience... as soon as I get a cool piece in stock I want to show you right away!! Our Scarlett Necklace is here and we are so excited! We love this vintage inspired disc mixed with a one-of-a-kind shape and just a pop of ice. The loveliest to layer and wear solo. We also launched the First Day of School Necklace - I just love these colors together! I'm most excited about our new Secret Garden Necklace!! We have been working behind the scenes to bring you the most perfect gemstone necklace with mint, seafoam, basil, olive, and sage... this color is such a neutral for me and works so beautifully paired with prints, stripes, or solids. I love it with shades of corals and pinks & also shades of marine blue or violet! It really works with everything and will be so great for Fall! It's perfect layered with the Manhattan Beach Necklace and our new Aspen Brunch Necklace. AND we've restocked some of your favorites! The Palm Beach Necklace is back in stock and I've been loving pairing it with the Spicy Grapefruit and Heart Toggle NecklacesThe North Star Necklace, Full of Joy Necklace, Popsicles and Poolside Necklace, and Carmel Bracelet Stack are all back in stock too! 


I took the girls to Williamsburg! 

My parents live in Williamsburg and my mom just got a knee replacement. If you've followed me for a while you know my mom, she is non-stop! She's always go-go-go and so I think this knee replacement has made her have to surrender to just being. And just like it would be for me... I think that's been hard! So I brought the three girls to lift her spirits, keep her busy and spend some quality time. Nothing like my girls to come in and bring the energy... ha! Plus it was the last full week of summer, so we wanted to take advantage of the time we had! My kids love going to their grandparents house, their house is so cool because my grandmother spent most of her childhood in Morocco so there is all this unique furniture and home decor from Morocco and overseas. Plus, my grandfather was a furniture maker so there are so many cool pieces in their home! It's always so fun for me to go back to see all of my old Barbie toys, vintage tea sets, hand embroidered napkins and I love going through old photo albums with the girls. 


And you know they had to do some baking with my mom... 

Georgia loves baking with my mom, they made her Banana Bread which is my FAVORITE recipe. Banana bread with whipped cream cheese was always my favorite snack when I came home from school and the girls love it too. 

My mom loves to cook. And...she's really really REALLY good at it. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with her, there is a good chance that she has baked something for you or has invited you over to her home and prepared an incredible dinner for you. She puts her whole heart into every dish and heals people through her meals. For over a decade, she has been gathering recipes and photos and had planned on writing a cookbook. When she retired after teaching French for 27 years, she was ready to do it. For the past few years, she has been in the process of writing this book. It not only includes her best recipes (and her favorite recipes she has collected over the years), but it also includes stories of our family. The theme of this book is "What Works." She has done the hard work for you and she will let you know what to serve with each dish. That's the great part about the book...each recipe comes with a guide making it easy to know what to pair it with. So many of you know my mom..she's one of a kind and the best woman I know. I'm excited for you to get a little glimpse into my life growing up and the food that has brought our family together! Click here to order it!

Some layering inspiration I wore this week...


In Williamsburg I wore the Frosted Coconut Gelato Bracelets with the Iced Mojito Hoops, Starbright Necklace, French Macaron Necklaceand Heart Toggle Necklace. I've been loving pairing the Charleston Afternoon with the Be Fierce, First Day of School Necklace and the Let's Dance HoopsWe switched our online pop-up to the Tiny Beaded Rectangle NecklaceIf you add anything to your cart, a pop-up will appear for you to add this necklace for only $15!! (originally $58). I love pairing it with the Folly Beach Necklace, Friendship Necklace, North Star Necklace, Full of JoyEssential Gold Chain, and Winter White Stone Necklace. 

We know you love fun ideas for outfit pairings...

So we put together a couple new blog posts with some fun ideas for the last litle bit of summer! Click here to see some ideas for the new Secret Garden Necklace. Click here for a fun take on this-or-that. And... while on the topic, these are in my top 3 pairs of pants I own. I have them in olive and white. They just came out with a handful of new colors so I wanted to let you know! Pictured above with my all time favorite jean jacket, these oncept tennis shoes, the Hot Pink ClutchSunset Gem NecklaceAspen Brunch Necklace and the new Scarlett Necklace. Plus I got my mom the cutest two piece and I loved it so much I got one for myself in the Khaki color. It's on sale so the top and the bottom are $51 for the whole set. I'll totally wear the top with jeans too! 

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