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Styling Outfits with EMJ - Mother of Pearl Studs, Aspen Brunch Necklace, and More!

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! 

While I was in Williamsburg with my mom last week we ordered a few new loungewear sets for her to wear. I shared some of the links over on instagram stories yesterday and while I was scrolling though the Target app, I stumbled upon the most perfect sweater vest/skirt combo for Fall!! It comes in a beautiful cream color, as well as an olive green, and I wanted to share this find with you before it sells out!! Even though this set is going to be great in the Fall... it's still pretty hot so I paired this outfit with some sneakers, and yes, my favorite sandals that you've seen a million times. They're just so good!!

The first combination features some fan favorites from our permanent collection. The Everyday Necklace has been very popular on the blog lately, and that's because its name speaks for itself! This is such a versatile piece that is perfect for layering, and adds the best, warm glow to any outfit. It's also on sale today, so now's your chance to snag it if you've been eyeing it for a while!! Another piece I know you've seen us talk about is the Fannie Necklace. I love delicate, beaded necklaces like this, and the pop of hot pink is just so fun!! If you look closely, there are a few aqua-colored beads in the mix, so I thought it'd be fun to reintroduce the Triple Turquoise Bracelet Stack. I have always been drawn to the color of this stone, and this bundle comes with three separate bracelets that can be worn on their own, or stacked with some of your favorites.

Next up with have the Everyday Necklace paired with the French Macaron Necklace. Again, I just love the colors in this piece, and the opportunities are endless when it comes to layering because naturally, it's going to coordinate with almost everything! I wanted to continue to draw out the hot pink, so I thought our Hot Pink Clutch would be a fun addition to this outfit. And as you can see, I threw in my favorite sandals once again! These are the Lily Nudes Flip Flops from TKEES in the shade 'Nude Beach.' There are tons of neutrals to choose from, and I can totally vouch for the quality. These are a summer staple for me!! For earrings I went with the Mother of Pearl Studs, and if you love the 'opalescent hue' as much as I do,  the Mother of Pearl Clover Studs are another similar option with a little bit more dimension. 

You guys know I love my sneakers, and I thought including a version of this outfit with a cute pair could be fun!! Here we have the new Aspen Brunch Necklace paired with the Everyday Necklace, and styled with the Desert at Dawn Bracelet Stack. These pieces weren't designed to coordinate, but the colors are a super close match!! I've always loved the simplicity of the The Dragonfly Studs, and how fun are these Vintage Havana Sneakers?? I love the gold glitter on the heel. 

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed reading through this. Like I said, this sweater vest/skirt combo is currently available on the Target app (and website), and although depending on where you live, it might be hard to envision cooler temperatures, it's never to early to start stocking up on cute, fall attire. 

Have a great rest-of-your-week! 

xoxo, Erin 


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