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Gift Guides: Kiddos & Teens

I asked the girls what some of their favorite pieces of our collection were and threw in a few other favorites (and surprises) they have coming! 

Our Kid's DIY Kits are new and improved and have been a HUGE hit! 

Our tiny beaded necklaces are always a hit with the younger girls like the Starbright, Rainbow Row, Bits of Joy, Annie, San Franciscoand Full of Joy!

If you have anyone like my Georgia, we're a little obsessed with Taylor Swift these days... these Best Friend Bracelets are the perfect addition to their friendship bracelet stack!

If you have an elf like we do, make your life easy with an Elf kit from Crisp Collective! She has ready made props and instructions to take the hard work out of your Elf's crazy antics!

I LOVE these backpacks for the girls - the best part is that its water resistant and it comes in a ton of colors! 

If they are more of a heart kinda gal, you can't go wrong with our Green Heart, Love Shack and California Love Necklaces. 

I'm always trying to instill kindness in the girls, I think this dish is a great reminder to have on their side table or dresser! 

If they have their ears pierced I love the Olivia and Gold Starlight Studs! 

 Our Kid's Cover Up is one of my favorites! Throw these on your child when they are at the beach, hop out of the pool, coming out of the shower, playing outside in the yard, traveling, or running around town! They are made from organic vegetable dye and stone-washed to give a soft and durable feel. 


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