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Gift Guide: For the One you Always Give a Bottle of Wine

We all have that friend that we ALWAYS get a bottle of wine... I think it's time we step it up this year!! 

If they love to entertain, our linen collaboration with Kopal is the perfect option! We have two styles of tablecloths and two styles of napkins. The tablecloth size is so great because it can fit an 8 foot table, a 6 foot table or even fold it up for a smaller table! The napkins come in a set of four.  

If you love a smoothie like I do, Blender Bombs have been the best addition to my smoothies at home! You can even gift a subscription on their website! 

I LOVE this rainbow bottle of olive oil from Zia Pia - not only is it delicious but also such a fun bottle to have out on your counter! If you're local to Charlotte you can buy these at Woo Skincare and Pour Olive! 

While on the topic of cooking I always love giving a cookbook like Lizi's For the Love of Kamut or Laura Lea's Balanced Cookbook  - throw in some of these awesome towels from geometry and you are good to go! You can find these locally in a lot of places too like Ruxton Mercantile and Paper Skyscraper! 

Another great local option are the freezer meals from Gathered! In my opinion there is nothing better than taking care of a meal for someone when they are busy. We all love the GF Lasagna, but I recently had the Chicken Curry and OMG! You can even buy them a gift card so they can get something delivered when they need it! 

And last but certainly not least, the Caramel cakes from Caroline's Cakes are always a crowd pleaser, plus you can freeze them so they can save it for later! 

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