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Coco Hill Collection

Coco Hill

Our Coco Hill Collab is back and we can’t thank you enough!! A collaboration with my dear friend and artist @kiki_slaughter. We take original strips of her canvas paintings and turn them into art. 


Kiki & I met at camp over 20 years ago and instantly became fast friends. We lived together throughout our time at UVA and have always been there for one another through thick & thin.

This collaboration is a mix of creativity, jewelry, and art but more importantly, it is a reminder that anything is possible when you surround yourself with friends who lift you up and believe in a vision.


Kiki, is an abstract artist who uses paint on canvas to create incredible textured pieces full of color and reminiscent of places and things she loves. Coco Hill, named after our two kids, grew out of our shared love for wearable art. Each piece of Coco Hill jewelry is made with hand-painted colorful canvas from Kiki’s art and then crafted into a piece of jewelry in the studio.


We are beyond excited for this new collection of circle necklaces and keychains. We can’t wait to see what you think! Click Here to shop.

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