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What I packed for Turks and Caicos

Hi Friends! Bryan and I just returned from 4 nights in Turks and Caicos!! I promised to send you a list of what I packed in my suitcase. I always love to see what people bring when they here we go! 
We left from Charlotte and had a direct flight to Turks. The flight was less than 3 hours...a great weekend getaway!  I decided to check luggage this trip because i was so disorganized when we were leaving & didn't have a chance to think through outfits.  I just threw everything in a huge suitcase and decided to figure it out when I arrived.  I typically pack everything in this suitcase. I have black, but I love all the colors available. 
 On the plane I read this book by Ashley Audrain and snacked on these.   I finished the book in a couple days and loved it...even though it was twisted and disturbing...definitely a page-turner.  I also packed some extra goodies in this bag & it can easily double as a beach bag or larger tote for waking around town. I always keep this lip gloss  in my bag and love to use this lip oil after traveling too!
  I wore these sandals pretty much the entire time. The color I have is hazelton, but they come in lots of different shades. They blend into your feet and are great for the pool, beach, and going out to dinner in the evening. My go-to Tkees are these in Cocobutter, but as we were trying to get out of the house, I could only find one of them so I had to leave them behind! 
 I brought this Tote to use during the day and to bring on day trips exploring..It's huge and can fit everything that you might need. It also folds down easily and lays flat so you can put it in your suitcase. 
 I used this sunscreen on my face the entire time, this mascara, and this for my brows. This is the only eyeshadow palette i've used for years and years and this is the eyeliner I use. One of the gals on the trip introduced me to this product and I absolutely LOVE it for sunscreen touch-ups throughout the day and when you get out of the water.
 I found this bathing suit online a week before we left and decided to go for it.   I wrapped a new Turkish Towels around my waist and also make them into a little dress and used them as cover ups. They are so soft and have a million uses! also wore this necklace  lots and it was great to mix with bathing suits and dresses too. I would mix and match other gold necklaces too...especially this one and these!
 I wore these bracelets with almost everything and I also mixed and matched it with this bundle too!
 I also kept the earrings simple and stuck with Hoops, Studs, and one Statement. I kept everything in my traveling jewelry case and rotated these three pairs: The Aria Hoops, theGwyneth Hoops, the Anna Hoops, the Neighborhood Stroll Studs, and the Studio 54 Earrings. I love how easy they are and they match with everything!
These sunglasses are some of my favorites...they are casual and stylish at the same time. They are a splurge, but i'm hoping that I can keep them for years and years.
 Thanks always for following along with us and for being so awesome and supportive! I apologize for any typos and for the inconsistent font...I currently have a 3 year old running around me in circles so i'm only 70% focusing...progress, not perfection, right?
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 If you are traveling with kids, make sure you pack a few of these for them too!
 Scroll down for some more links and photos.
xoxo, Erin



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