Tiny Gemstone Collection


Designing itsy-bitsy little layering necklaces is one of our favorite things to do, and many of you have been asking for just a tiny gemstone pop. We searched & searched and found some of our favorite stones - cool, calm, perfect for everyday wear...plus perfect to integrate with your other jewelry. Each of these gemstones is smaller than 1/2 inch and each necklace is 16" in length. If you would like a different length, please add it to the "notes" section at checkout or email us after you place your order and let us know the length. From left to right...here they are: 

1. Strawberry Quartz Teardrop

2. Clear Ice Quartz Teardrop

3. Raspberry Quartz Magenta Teardrop

4 Calming Aqua Teardrop

5. Black Onyx Teardrop

6. Baby Teal Teardrop

7. Pyrite Metallic Teardrop