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2024 Word Gemstone Bracelet

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2024 is here and it's time for you to choose a word! We have new gemstone patterns ready for you this year!

Because each one is handmade for you, Please allow 1-2 weeks for each one to be made. Our new word gemstone bracelet  is the most perfect gift...either for yourself or for someone you love! We encourage you to choose a word, motto, name, pleas, initials or numbers remind you throughout the year of your 20234 intentions.  

The bracelets you see in these photos all have a different words beaded on them, but feel free to choose any word that you like to make it more personal. 

Along with dates, coordinates and initials, a few of our favorite words  have been: love. i am enough. true. believe. journey. happiness. new beginnings. one year. remember. laugh. forget. move on. prioritize. family first. now. fearless. joy. grace. god - always-wins.

We have 5 different color combos for you to choose from:


shades of blue



shades of purple

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