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This Week at Erin McDermott Jewelry

It's the final few hours of our gemstone sale!!

Friends! You guys totally blew me away with our Gemstone Secret Stash Sale! Thank you so so much for your support! We will be beading and making necklaces nonstop on the studio these next few days! We had no idea how popular this sale would be and several sold-out right away.... The GOOD NEWS is that we did another count on inventory and we were able to restock a few that sold-out quickly! We were able to restock a handful more and keep them at the same Secret Stash Price! SHOP NOW!


And because I know you love the BTS stories...

We are able to bring our gemstone collection to you at an awesome price because we go straight to the source of the stones! We hand-pick our stones from a company I have worked with for over 15 years! Years ago, they had a tiny little shop in NYC and I stumbled into the shop and we struck up a friendship! They have seen me through my pregnancies with all three girls and have shared dumpling recipes and green tea when I visit...

The stone company will go to the Tucson gem show, one of the biggest stone shows in the world, and they will sell to another supplier who will then sell to a store or a distributer. Then that store might sell to a designer and then the designer would sell to you. this point, the price of the stones have been marked up in price 3-4 times! The reason that I'm able to keep the prices accessible is because I can go straight to the source and eliminate the middleman and I'm able to pick the stones BEFORE the markups!

This is why most of the time you'll see these necklaces for $250+ in other places. After we choose the stones, we hand-make each gemstone necklace with a special wire, clasps, and extenders! Thanks so much for following along and shopping with us - I truly feel like y'all are the best crew ever and that we are all friends. I'm so excited about this gemstone sale and can't wait to see the fun colors and layers you put together. Please tag me in your posts when you wear them so that I can repost! 


Not only did Brooke do a Gemstone try-on... 

...but we launched a ton of new Jewelry this week so we had her pair some of the new pieces, and some of our tried and true favorites, with the gemstone necklaces. We paired some of the blue shades with The Lake Tahoe Necklace, The Essential Gold Chain Necklace and The Favorite Hoops. Then we switched it up with The Love Shack Necklace and The Walking on Sunshine Clutch. With some of the more colorful gemstone necklaces we paired the Hammered Star Necklace and The Neon Necklace. If you're more of a neutral gal... try pairing the more earth toned gemstones with the Lia Link, Gold Essential Necklace, or Sunburst Earrings. For a pop of color we added the Vacation Mode Earrings - Brooke was OBSESSED and took them home with her! Or you could try the new Gin and Tonic earrings or The Megan Necklace - they are going to be perfect for spring!


Looking for some outfit inspiration? 

Keep reading for some of my favorite white blouses to pair with jewelry. I would pair this blouse with the Vacation Mode Earrings and The Triple Layer Everything Necklace. I'd pair this sweet blouse with The Charlottesville Bracelet Bundle. I love the detail on this blouse and it would look awesome with our All Around the World Earrings. The neckline of this blouse would pair perfectly with The Aspen Necklace. This white utility shirt paired with any of the gemstone necklaces. I love how detailed this one is and would look lovely with the layered stack of our Tiny Star Necklace, Barely There White Quartz Necklace, and Wishbone Gold Necklace. I love an eyelet top - this one would look great with our Sullivan's Island Stack. This cute blouse is only $25 and would look perfect with one of our lucky elephant necklaces and our colorblock bracelet. This easy breezy blouse is only $30 and would be cute tucked in high-waisted jeans and paired with The Addison Necklace. 


I wanted to take a minute to explain LTK! (LTK) is a shopping app that lets you shop for jewelry, clothing and other lifestyle items and products shown in your favorite instagramers posts and stories! If you already have LTK, you can follow me here. This is where I post all of my favorite outfits, home decor items and anything else I've been shopping lately! If you aren't using LTK yet, click here to download the app and get started. It makes it SO easy to shop from your favorite creators! I find some of the best things on LTK! 


Spring break is coming....

and I think it's time we put together another playlist! A few times last year, I asked y’all to submit your favorite songs and boy did you deliver! I put together the best playlists full of your favorites that you can listen to on Spotify – check them out here and start listening! I want to make another one for the upcoming warmer weather - click here to submit your favorite songs that remind you of spring and summer! 

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