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The California Coast Necklace ... and where she went with me.


After a year-long wait, our California Coast Necklace is finally back in stock!

The California Coast Necklace has been in our permanent collection for a few years, and it is hands down, one of our absolute most popular necklaces because you can wear it with every single thing in your closet. Prints, florals, stripes, solids ... literally any color. It's a great statement piece without being too overwhelming, and it just adds the perfect finishing touch.

This necklace is a great one to wear all year long, and a perfect gift too! It’s all wood, super lightweight, and it also has an extender, so you can make the necklace 2” longer, or 1 inch shorter. In stories, I paired the California Coast Necklace with a white cotton blouse and jeans, and threw on our Sense of Wonder Bundle, and our Multi Wood Hoops. You really don’t need to add anything, since this piece speaks for itself, but our essential gold hoops, or these studs would look great with it too.

And then as I'm sure you guys saw in stories the other day, I took this beautiful necklace to a very exciting event!! 


In college, when I was working at the Charlottesville City Farmer’s Market, selling jewelry at 5:30 in the morning on Saturday Mornings, I said you know what, I am going to save up enough money to buy a Veronica Beard Blazer. I love these blazers, they are so beautiful, and every single week I would put my money aside, and that was going to be my big big big BIG splurge. Finally I saved up enough money for the blazer, and I still wear it all the time. I love her blazers.

Well a couple days ago I was invited to a lunch for Veronica Beard. They dropped off an outfit for me, and it was so cute. It was such a special day for me because it was a total full-circle moment for me. My Veronica Beard blazer was my first big purchase, and now here I am being invited as a guest to one of her lunches.

The jacket was super cool, and I loved the vintage-y look of the buttons. I love pieces like this because you can easily dress them up, or keep it casual. The sleeves were cropped, and I loved that you can see the braided, denim detail. You know I always go casual, but I like to keep it ‘elevated’ casual, so these details always catch my eye. 

As you guys probably saw, I ended up belting the jacket, wearing the matching shorts, I threw on some nude heels, decided to bring the Be Cool Neon Clutch for something a little unexpected, and fun, and I kept the same jewelry from earlier in the day. 

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