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Sunday Sketchbook | No. 6

We had a Open Air Pop-Up this past Tuesday in my front yard with two of my favorite companies:  Meanwhile Back on the Farm and Peyton's Post. Hundreds of you stopped by to say "hello" and to get a jump start on holiday shopping and it made me so happy to see you face to face (even with masks!!)  I started thinking...why not do more of these open air pop-ups?  We already have another one scheduled for 10/10 with 8 awesome brands you will love & we will be releasing new pieces for our Fall and Winter collection! If you are interested in joining one of our pop-ups, feel free to email me! More details coming in the next few weeks.... 

We love creating bracelet bundles for you! It makes it easy to layer and takes the hard work out of guessing what looks best with what?? We just released our New Mini Austin Bundles HERE and they are great if you are a fan of neutrals! 

Don't forget about our Ella Earrings! These were one of the first to sell-out during our Sample Sale and we just added them to our permanent collection!

Gwynnie Bubble Bath

We celebrated Gwynnie's birthday last Sunday! I can't believe she is 2! She is pure sunshine and makes our world go round! As you can see from the above photo, she absolutely loves bubble baths & I really like this brand...just enough bubbles, all natural, and doesn't leave a film on her skin!

I love music & I'm working on a playlist for you! As I write this, I'm listening to Maggie Rogers.  Singer-songwriters are my favorite & she is awesome.  

I just splurged on this leather jacket. The company, Able, is based out of Nashville and I love their clothing and bags. I've worn this denim jacket for years & it's a staple for me. 

We make these energy bites on Sunday nights and always have them in the freezer for snacking! 

This Podcast with Jo Malone spoke to my soul (I LOVE her fragrances too!!)  I've been wearing Blackberry & Bay for is one of her signature scents & smells so lovely.

I was unsure about "dairy free" icecream, but I decided to give it a whirl. I gotta tell you...THIS ONE is my favorite & we polished off a few pints this weekend!!!!!! If you are a chocolate lover...give it a go!

Bryan and Erin McDermott White at Charlottesville City Market

This photo was taken 9 years ago at the Charlottesville City Market. It pops up on my feed at this time year after year. Every Saturday, I would set up a booth at 5:45am and sell jewelry from the back of my car. I loved this place so much that even after I moved to Charlotte, Bryan and I would still drive 4.5 hours to Charlottesville on Friday nights just to be there in the morning. Everyone thought I was crazy, but this place filled my soul and gave me a reason to continue making jewelry. I will always be forever grateful for the friends I met those early mornings and the people in Charlottesville who have supported me for the past decade. Thank you for giving me roots and wings. 

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