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Sunday Sketchbook | No. 3

I can't believe the Summer is almost over. Anyone else feel like time is flying by but also sometimes standing still at the same time?

xirena can I get a kids menu and a margarita please


Any other mom's out there feel this as much as I do? 

This video just made my day this week. I love the look of the brother's face. 

We went to the lake with some friends and this was the BEST salmon recipe I have ever had.

And this is my favorite salad dressing recipe ever—if you're a big fan of basil, you'll love it!!

Really, I have just been LOVING all the recipes from What's Gaby Cooking... there are so so many good ones. 

You are the only person who decides truly who you are. Cleo Wade quote

I really connected with this quote from Cleo Wade this week. 


It's definitely still too warm right now to wear this sweatshirt, but I still love it and would pair it with our Sullivan's Island Bundle to bring out some color. 

I love this Teacher Giveaway we're hosting—it's not too late to enter or tag a friend!

Thanks for sharing and posting photos of you (and your kids!) wearing our jewelry and mask lanyards recently—please keep sending them! You can tag or message me on IG or email them to me at

Have a great week + I hope to see you online for the Sample Sale on Friday.



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