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Our Sweet Sukie ❤️

Sukie, Erin McDermott Jewelry

Whenever I need to smile, I just scroll through old photos of our sweet girl, Sukie. She was the OG Erin McDermott Jewelry model and she has seen it all.

Sukie, the OG Erin McDermott Jewelry model

She never judged anyone and never asked for anything. She was a fixture in my studio and always placed herself in the center of the chaos at home.

Sukie with Erin and Bryan

She was the one who stood beside Bryan as he bent down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, she was the one who cuddled up beside me 6 years ago on the bathroom floor after reading another negative pregnancy test after trying for 36 months, the one who was next to me in the studio when my mom called me to tell me my dad had cancer, the one who stayed with me at 2 a.m. in the studio night after night trying to build a jewelry business.

She was the one who was with us in the middle of the night during the endless night-time baby feedings and diaper changes. She was the one who reminded us of the beauty of simple pleasures as she ran on the beach chasing seagulls. She made our life whole and made us realize the value of unconditional love.

Erin McDermott White family and sukie on a Saturday stroll in Charlotte.

The girls adored her. She was my compass and her joy and acceptance always guided me. On sunny days, I crave a long walk with her and on stormy nights I just want to protect her.

We love you Sukie

When she crossed Rainbow Bridge last year I was totally humbled by the love you all showed me. I read each one of your comments, messages, and notes and I could never have imagined feeling so supported by a community we have built together over the last decade. You are kind, honest, supportive, loving and understanding and I’m so grateful you are in my life. Thank you all for the love...I felt it and needed it.

Sukie, you are still so much in our hearts. We miss you every day. ❤️

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