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June's Note from Erin....

New Favorite Collection(s...)

It's too hard to pick just one this month! First up is our new luxe line of semi-precious stone necklaces. When I started making jewelry *over 15 years ago!!!*, I loved designing and creating beaded stone pieces - chunky and tiny faceted stones too. I'm so excited to bring that back with fun, one of a kind, semi-precious stone necklaces that would be perfect with all of our gold layering pieces. I hand picked every single strand of beads and they are SO good. Shop now.

Next up is our latest drop of Turkish textiles - The Joie De Vivre line. Our Joie De Vivre Textiles are hand-loomed by friends in Turkey using organic vegetable dyes and peshtemal fibers. They can be used for towels, wraps, table cloths, travel blankets, baby blankets, throws, and pretty much anything and everything! They are great in the kitchen and bathroom because they are bacterial resistant and they also repel sand at the beach much more easily than a terrycloth towel. They are easy to pack and store and so stylish! Shop now.

Our new pick up system

We have made a few adjustments to our pick up schedule to allow for more space and ability for quicker turnover. We looked at a ton of different pick up options from Nordstrom to Target and this seemed to be the best fit for us. If you have chosen pick up, Sarah will send you a notification when your pick up is ready. (be sure to check your spam and promotional folders for your notice - sometimes they get stuck there!) You have 7 days to pick up from when that notification is sent. If you don't pick it up within 7 days, Sarah will send you a shipping invoice to ship it to you. If you are unable to respond to that email within 24 hours, we will restock the items and send you over a promo code for the amount of your order. I really hope this works and makes it easier for all of us! 

How fun is this...

One of you sent this to me and I love the way she used the Botanical Scarf to style Summer Cocktails! 

If you're curious about how some pieces look on...

Be sure to check out our latest try on with @brookehhall -you can see it in my instagram highlights here. We always have so much fun together! You can follow along with her on Instagram - she shares her fave recipes, styles, work-out tips, travel, work, family and daily life... and does it all with a sense of humor. 

Tuesday Treats

This month, we started a new fun treat for you on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm. We send out a text each Tuesday with different offerings for our text subscribers only. I don't share these on email or instagram! If you haven’t already opted-in for SMS communications from me, click here to sign up now.

We're back in action! 

Thank you for being patient as we moved! Parties are BACK and we can't wait to have you in the new studio. If you'd like to have an event here... we'd love to have you! Email me if you'd like to schedule a wine night, birthday party (for you or a little one), shopping event, work gathering, jewelry making party, or just a fun event with friends! 

New Favorite Playlist 

Just when I thought our last playlist was my favorite, you guys blew me way with all of your go-to road trip songs. It's such a great playlist and perfect for any upcoming summer traveling. The best part is that it's something we all built together! Check it out here to start listening.

The coolest story...

On Saturday mornings we usually have a routine where one of us takes the girls and does errands (grocery store etc.), and the other stays home and does a massive clean. This month Bryan took all three girls to the grocery store where they saw a police officer - they always get so excited when they see police officers and fire fighters. They went up to the police officer and asked if he had any stickers - he didn't, so he asked Bryan for our address and said he would bring some to the girls later. A couple days later early one morning he came by and dropped a package for the girls. They were SO excited! 

Officer Wade has been has been in service for over 30 years in Charlotte. After I posted this story to my Instagram stories, my DM's were FLOODED with the most incredible stories that you all had about Officer Wade and how kind, generous and helpful he had been to so many of you. Click here to watch the reel that I made about our experience with Officer Wade and some of your comments and messages. I'm so grateful our paths crossed and this is just another remind of the GOOD in the world. 

Jewelry for a Cause

By now you know that I have been partnering with different non-profits and organizations each month - first with Ukraine, then two awesome gals for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We have been designing a bracelet and giving 100% of the proceeds from that bracelet to that foundation. This month we have extended our partnership with the CLT foundation - click here to see more about my special afternoon that I spent with an awesome group of kiddos designing the bracelet! The CLT foundation put on so many awesome events for kids with special needs and life altering medical circumstances. They have camp CLT in the summers at Camp Thunderbird, Christmas in July where they bring presents to Levine Children's hospital, provide scholarships and so many more amazing events and offerings for these kids. If you haven't Purchased your bracelet yet, click here. Thank you for your continued support in raising money for non-profits! 

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