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Introducing our clothing collection!

At Erin McDermott Jewelry, my goal is to bring you a curated jewelry and lifestyle collection that makes you feel beautiful, put together and confident. I wanted to add a clothing collection with the same laid-back, accessible, effortless, wear-everyday, and whimsical vibe that our jewelry brings. I love that clothes can make us feel good while providing comfort and empowerment. 

Our clothing and jewelry are more than just practical choices. They are powerful forms of self-expression and communication that conveys our personality, mood, and well-being. I love talismans, good luck charms, and the meanings behind stone properties, so I knew clothing can have the same effect of evoking specific emotions. Wearing bright and cheerful colors like yellow or orange can uplift spirits while promoting joy and optimism. Cooler tones like blue and green create a calming and stillness effect. 

I believe in transitioning beautifully and effortlessly between work, running errands, happy hour, and home, so adding a clothing collection fits perfectly with the Erin McDermott Jewelry vision. I love the boho-chic, soft, easy-cool, and classic aesthetic. My favorite brands include Sezanne, Faherty, Zara, Anthropologie, Free People, and Farm Rio. Love loose-fitting, flowy fabrics, pattern play, and affordable everyday pieces? Our clothing collection is for you! Everyone deserves effortless staples that are accessible, stylish, and make you feel like your best-self. Shop our new clothing collection here. We add new pieces often, so stay tuned for new styles!

Tag us @erinmcdermott1 with your new clothing and jewelry pieces!

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