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Happy Sunday from Wyoming!

It's our last day at the Ranch! 

Stay tuned for a full round up in next week's blog! In the meantime I thought I would share all the jewelry I wore this week... We launched the Gold Hour Necklace right before we left and it is one of my new favorite pieces!! We got this shape made just for us based on our Heart Toggle and Hammered Star necklaces. Plus, have some more custom shapes coming, I can't wait to show you! We also launched our new Cowgirl Earrings, the Montana Necklace, the Mountain Morning Necklace (pictured below with the Starbright Necklace and Friendship Necklace), and the Mountain Stream Necklace. Of course I had to wear the Napa Valley hat and I didn't take the Carolina Coast Bracelet off the whole time, it pairs well with everything! I had fun layering the Eva Tiny Gemstone Necklace, the Food Nanny Necklace, and the Tesoro Mio with all these new pieces! 


Still looking for some layering ideas?

We put together a couple new blog posts just for you!

I'm sure a lot of you remember the collection that Lizi and I put together a few months ago, and I'm super excited to share that we've added a few more pieces to the collection that we picked out just for her trip to France. The bright gemstone beads of the Guérande Necklace is such a fun pop of color with the Starbright! These are both choker style so be sure to email us at if you need an extender! Click here to see some more layering ideas with Lizi's collection. 

A lot of you said you're loving the outfit and jewelry pairings so we put together a couple new ideas in this blog post. I love the strand of orchid beads in the Harbour Island Necklace, and the subtle pop of color it adds to any outfit. The best part of this necklace is you're actually getting three separate necklaces that you can layer together, or separately with other pieces. I styled it with this amazing sweater set from Free People. Perfect for every occasion and a great transition piece into fall! 

A note on preorders... 

Some of the new pieces we launch this week have already sold out and we've moved to a pre-order. Because we offer small batches at an awesome price-point, our pieces tend to sell out quickly… very quickly! We launch new pieces daily and many times, these pieces won’t last more than 24 hours. A pre-order allows you to place your order before the actual item is ready to be sent. When the item is ready, you will be first in line to receive your order. When we have it back in stock, you don’t have to worry about it selling out again before you are able to order. You’ll know that an item is on pre-order because the ship date will be in the title of the piece. Because many of these pieces go through multi-step precesses and they are currently being produced, often times the dates can change. If we have a shipping date change, we will make sure to let you know the expected change. We typically hold the entire order and send everything all together. If you have ordered several items in the order and would like those items shipped first and then the pre-ordered item ship when it is back in stock, please feel free to email and we will be able to break up your order into two separate orders. 

Stay tuned for more fun launches coming this week!! 



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