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Gift Guides: For the One that Has a Go-to Uniform

This Able Jean Jacket is my tried and true - I've had it for 6 years and wear it all the time. 

This denim shirt is an investment... no doubt, but is my absolute favorite. I will say that I've certainly worn it over 1000 times. It's easy to pack and great to wear on the plane. The length is perfection and works seamlessly with jewelry, plus it's easy to dress up or down. 

My birks. Some people love them, some people hate them. I love comfort and I haven't taken these off since I bought them. Go for it!!! They work perfectly with jeans and a sweater... making for the easiest fall uniform! 

You know I'm always on the hunt for the perfect T-shirt - I have to say so far this Target tee is winning! This Marine Layer tee is another one I have had in my collection for a while and this white t-shirt  is definitely up there too!

These Mother Denim jeans are the jeans I grab almost every time. Although they aren’t inexpensive, you’ll end up making it worth it with the price per wear. Jeans are tricky and I feel like we all probably have a handful of jeans that fit but never fit “just right” … I finally threw in the towel and bought a pair that fit just right. I also love that they are cropped they look great with these vejas sneakers that are my go-to.

The Triple Layer Everything Necklace is a must have staple in everyone's collection! With three necklaces in one, we take the hard work out of layering, plust it looks awesome with almost every piece in our collection! 

For the true uniform lover, pieces from our White Luxe Collection are a must! This collection is made from Luxe materials - the pieces can be worn all the time, everyday, non-stop...Shower in them, wear them in the ocean, workout in will be good to go! I'm especially loving the Be Fierce Necklace these days - this necklace reminds us to be fierce this year. The tiger symbolizes personal  strength, power, and courage! 

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