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Erin’s Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts. A favorite pastime and escape to transform into another world. From their ability to cover wide-ranging topics, explore new ideas, share personal stories, and keep my mind entertained during daily tasks. Hello, long car rides, unloading the dishwasher, making jewelry, and walking. Check out my podcast rotation below!
  1. Second Life: A podcast highlighting women who successfully shifted careers. As a former NYC resident, I specifically loved hearing the Levain Bakery Founders discuss their love of food and baking while creating a cookie phenomenon and a bakery. Chocolate chip cookies and NYC? What’s not to love? Their original hole-in-the-wall 74th street location quickly became notorious for lines wrapped around the building. Check out the podcast episode and their e-commerce store. FYI: the chocolate chip walnut cookie is a must!
  1. Heather McMahan (Disclosure: adults only podcast ): Comedian who always keeps it real and keeps me LOL. Nothing is off-limits. Come for the humor and stay for the genuine conversation. She discusses it all with a joyful take on life’s craziness. Plus, she’s Gaby Dalkin's friend (What’s Gaby Cooking), so you know she is fun. The Ovaries on a Plane episode is my favorite.
  1. The Glossy Podcast discusses the technology effect on the fashion and luxury industries. I loved hearing the interview with Rebecca Hessel Cohen on how she built the Love Shack Fancy empire.
  1. Be Powerful Hilliard Studio Podcast: Liz Hilliard, founder of Hilliard Studio Method, helps individuals at all ages and stages sculpt strong, healthy, and beautiful bodies. Liz and Lee Kennelly, Director of Training, discuss finding individualized inner power while sharing thoughts on culture and current events. Check out my episode to learn to learn more about my family business and why ditching perfectionism inspires my creativity. 
  1. How’d She do That? This encouraging and entertaining podcast answers that question by speaking to women who have created inspiring careers. I love learning about other small businesses and hearing founders’ advice. Check out the Kate Stice Stewart interview. She is the founder of Bauble Stockings.
  1. Just B with Bethenny: Hear from Bethenny Frankel, a self-made businessperson, tv producer, NYT bestselling author, and a mom. Her interviews are to-the-point, and she asks those “go there” questions. Her quick wit and remarks make me feel like a fly on the wall while out for cocktails.
  1. 9 to 5 ish with the Skimm: I read the Skimm daily for my news, and the podcast is also great. Enjoy 30-minute episode features with women leaders in conversation about the defining career moments — wins, losses, triumphs, and mistakes. I highly recommend the Diane von Furstenberg interview
  1. Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff: Listen to short and easy to digest interviews as Rebecca talks to women from all walks of life and shows us what life is like without the social media filters. I listened to her talk at the Charleston Southern C Summit and respect her as a business owner and woman.
  2. So Can I:   A place where the stories of everyday women living their best life are told. The So Can I podcast seeks to inspire, motivate, and encourage women to step out in faith, follow the dreams that have always been on their hearts, and have a little fun while doing it! 

I also love how podcasts can connect us, so what are your favorite podcasts?

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