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California March 2022

I piggybacked this trip on my most recent New York trip because it was the perfect time to head to California and stock up for spring, summer and upcoming fall for you. And I'm thrilled to report I found SO many awesome goodies for you! 

I usually do most sourcing either in New York or LA and of course we work directly with the family in Turkey for the Turkish Towels. In New York it's more jewelry centered and in California it's more textiles, totes and a totally different vibe! 

I love both and love to bring the two coasts together to create the essence of my collection! It was a super quick trip - but for me, it's so important that I'm out here and personally sourcing everything, feeling everything and making the connections. Everything you see online is chosen, sourced, designed, made or found by me. I feel like I'm pretty laid back with everything EXCEPT for sourcing. It is so important to me to be super super hands on and that I am only bringing you things that I truly love. It's my most favorite part of my business! 

After I met with my vendors, I walked down Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach and spent a few hours exploring. It's such a cool feel, the energy is really awesome, the colors are amazing, the indoor outdoor spaces, full of inspiration!

I thought it would be fun for you to pretend like you were walking with me...

My first stop in Venice is my absolute favorite restaurant, Gjelina. Everything on the menu is super yummy, and they have a cookbook! 

I wandered into a boutique that had the coolest ceiling full of dried florals. Plus the window said "something magical happens in the sunlight." I couldn't agree more☀️

Next stop was The Great - full of beautiful clothes, an incredible collection of coffee table books, and "Coco" chocolate - you know I had to bring some home to my girl!  

Walking and seeing the world around me is the number one place I get my inspiration! Everything from the colors in coffee table books, to the font on chocolate, the packaging on bath and beauty products, the shades of clothes hanging at a store, a stack of sweatshirts, watching people and what they wear and how they layer jewelry. All of this comes together in my head to create my collection for you to enjoy! 

I ended the day with my favorite coconut margarita from the Surfrider Malibu Hotel and yet again found some inspiration to do a little jewelry styling! 

The next day, I took my morning walk around Malibu and then met up with my friends on the beach. It does not matter where you are, that first dip of your toes in the sand after the winter is probably the best.feeling.ever. 

We enjoyed brunch together and spent the day exploring Malibu.

That afternoon we headed to our hotel Calamigos Guest Ranch - which was incredible! We had a fabulous dinner at the hotel restaurant - just look at these ladies both rocking the Isabella Necklace! 

Our last day together was truly perfect! We had a beautiful drive to the beach, margaritas by the water and of course I forced them to do a try on for y'all of some of our newest additions to the collection. Be sure to head to my latest California highlight on instagram to check it out for yourself! 

Cheers until next time, Cali! Thanks for coming along on my latest adventure! 

xoxo Erin


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