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An update on our fundraiser!

Because of you...

We raised $13,000 for Daystar Counseling Ministries in Nashville, TN!!! We had several pieces over the past week and 100% of the proceeds are going towards therapy appointments for adults and children affected by the recent school shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, TN. My friend, Laura from Nashville knew so many people who go to the Covenant School - we went back and forth and decided to do another fundraiser like we had done before for Ukraine, LLS, and other local non-profits. She connected us to Daystar Counseling Ministries. This place is amazing! (Thank you Laura!!) You may have heard of Sissy Goff, she is a wonderful therapist and Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Ministries. Daystar Ministries is providing free counseling to anyone who has been affected by the recent school shooting. I think counseling is so important... to be able to have a community, a group, and a person to go to and talk with, so you aren't feeling alone, and are able to get some tools to be able to navigate what's going on in your mind. Sometimes therapy and counseling aren't accessible to everyone, and is so important for the children and families who have been affected.

I love each of you SO much! This crew SHOWS UP! Y'all are the real deal, so generous of spirit... I know that instagram is such a love hate - but the community that we have built together over the last 12 years never ceases to amaze me. You are the best! My original goal was $1,000... in less than 24 hours we raised over $6,000!! I set my final goal at $10,000 and you guys blew it out of the water in THREE days! 

My favorite flower tips...

One thing I have grown to appreciate later in life is having fresh flowers in the house! I went to Trader Joe's this week to prep for Easter guests and shared a few tips on Instagram. Trader Joe's has a great selection of different colors, textures, assortment of different types of flowers to choose from. When I go I like to have a color palette in mind, this week I was searching for pinks, purples, orchid, and some whites and creams. I just pulled anything from that color palette. When I check out, I like to ask for a wine box instead of a bucket - it keeps everything upright in the car! 

Next is finding different vessels - this is where I love to get creative! Don't corner yourself into vases! These amazon bud vases are a great start - and a great deal. I also like to use water glasses, (perfect for guest bathrooms), stemless wine glasses, wine chillers, clear bottles, mason jars, and recycled food jars. I also love to wrap bottles and vases with wrapping paper scraps. Stationery stores have the coolest wrapping paper to choose from! Sometimes I have the girls color on strips of paper and wrap those around bottles and jars too. They LOVE to do this when their grandparents come to town. (Most of the time I run out of time to do it... but it's the thought that counts, right?!) This week I put all the flowers on the table and just told them to choose what they loved and make arrangements! I made a Reel on Instagram of them arranging... The girls had so much fun! I want to make this a Sunday night activity because I always get the Sunday blyes and this will make me happy. 

The Easter bunny has arrived!!

When you purchase any piece today ONLY, choose another for half off! Make sure to use the code "happyday" at checkout! Check out some of my favorites and some restocks below. 

New pieces I've been wearing on repeat...

Our new Tybee Island Bracelet Bundle is here and it wont last long! I've been wearing the Rose Resin Hoops and the Ocean Wave Hoops all weekend! We just launched the Beach Cabana gemstone necklace... I love it paired with the You are a Gift and the Desert Cactus Necklace. The California Coast has been restocked and is the perfect necklace for spring and summer layering. I'm loving this new set of 5 enamel rings! They are size 7.5 - wear them all the time, all together, or one at a time layered with your other rings from your collection. The new Nashville Necklace is just like the Filled with Gratitude, Lake Tahoe, and Monet Necklaces - all different color ways of the same resin gemstone necklace. I've been layering it with the LA Necklace and The Isle of Palms NecklaceOne of your all time favorites, The Heart Toggle Necklace is back in stock! We also restocked The Calistoga Tote, The Pebble Beach Earrings, The Colorful Charm Bracelet, The St. Tropez Bundle, The Carrie Necklace, The White Sands Bundle, The Megan Necklace, and The Palm EarringsThe Sunburst Turquoise and Gold Studs and Kiawah Bracelet Stack have been best sellers this week! 



I've been trying to get back into the habit... 

... of sharing more clothes and things that I love with you. I got out of the habit for a little bit. I got this Hot Pink Button Down Shirt from Target and it's such a good wash. I just bought it in white too. It's going to be my summer uniform with denim shorts. Stay tuned on Instagram for more!

My friend sent me the coolest fans from Ghana! 

One of my best friends from college, Adoma, is from Ghana and sent me the coolest hand woven fans from the market in Ghana. I am going to get them framed because I love cool framed fabric, sculptures or pieces of artwork that aren't "traditional" pieces of art. The colors are amazing in my house and I can't wait to get them back. Adoma was one of my closest friends at UVA and has continued to be such an incredible and supportive friend. When we met, we clicked instantly & knew we'd be friends waaaaay beyond our time at UVA. We went to NY together and would hang out together non-stop in the art studio. She is truly one of my most talented and creative friends. We met up a few months ago in Charlottesville & I am totally in awe of everything she has accomplished but not surprised at all!! If you google her, you'll find a million articles on her... she is a super talented film producer and has also been a Professor at Harvard and Georgetown. Not to mention, she has always been so supportive with my jewelry and helping me to achieve my dreams. Check her out here. As soon as I posted them I got a ton of DM's asking if I could source them for you.... We are on it!!! I'll keep you posted - they are so gorgeous in person! So cute to use at the beach (as an actual fan) or to hang on your wall! I want to hang like 8 on my wall because the colors are so pretty and I'm just crazy about the texture and style. I also think it's pretty special that they are all handmade in Adoma's local market in Ghana. 

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