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29209 Everest

We came to Snowbasin Utah to reach the summit, and along the way we evolved into a better version of ourselves. This journey was physical, mental, and spiritual. 3 nights of community and 36 hours to climb, has given us 1 story to tell. Bryan and I hiked up the mountain, took the gondola down, and repeated this grueling process until we climbed 29029 feet. This is the height of Everest and a life-altering experience. With the sun in our eyes and the wind in our faces, we walked up steep uneven terrain losing our footing. We gained strength from the pause and reflection at every sunrise and sunset.  The team that with us every step of the way, made us part of a community dedicated to realizing our best self. Challenging things can change you, but you can’t outrun yourself. Not your history, not your fears, not the parts of yourself you’re worried are wrong. Although this was the hardest 36 hours of my life, it feels good to feel something so purely, to know without question what it is my body’s experiencing. We took our final steps to the summit at a determined but casual pace, pausing just for a breath. I signed up for this experience to spend more time with my husband, but in the end I found myself again.

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