Rectangle Necklace


This is the perfect way to start off the new year! 2017 is almost here and we encourage you to choose a word, motto, initials or numbers to keep in mind for the new year! Take some time to think about a special word that you can wear all year long and keep close to your heart. 

This rectangle necklace has the word LOVE engraved into it, but feel free to choose any word that you like to make it more personal. After you place your order, please just send us an email ( with your order # and let me know the word or date that you would like engraved into your gold bar (up to 15 letters). Or, please just type what you would like engraved in this necklace or bracelet into the space on the order page. Perfect for a simple and unique gift. The bar is a little over an 1.5" in length. *Also comes in a bracelet.

Along with dates, coordinates and initials, a few of our favorite words this year have been: love. i am enough. true. believe. journey. happiness. new beginnings. one year. remember. laugh. forget. move on. prioritize. family first. now. fearless. joy. grace. god - always-wins.