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Happy Sunday from California

This weekend I went to one of my favorite places... California! I love when work takes me to the west coast! It's the best for inspiration... I get inspiration from the toiletries in my hotel, bar, artwork, service, linens, design, menus, boutiques,  and watching people in the lobby…everything. I started out with some design meetings in LA and then headed up the coast to meet up with my friends Carrie and Tina for the weekend! 

After my meetings I cruised around on a bike exploring some new places I hadn't discovered yet! I went up to Venice Beach, where I stopped for a slice of pizza at  Gjelina and and continued on my bike ride. I love to ride from Santa Monica through Venice Beach, Hermosa Bach, Manhattan Beach, etc. they are all the coolest California beach towns! This time I made time to go through the Canals in Venice Beach because I have always wanted to! 

I stayed at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel, one of my favorites! It's designed by Kelly Wearstler - I love her style and all of her designs. It had the prettiest details! I had planned to go to Elephante for dinner, but realized how tired I was so I stayed in and ordered room service.... Spaghetti and Meatballs hit the spot... with extra parm always. 


I did a little work the next morning in the lobby at the Proper on the finishing touches for the new California Coast Collection!! The launch sale prices won't last long so be sure to click here to shop the entire collection! 


On my bike ride I was wearing the Carolina Sunset Sweater with the LA Earrings, Venice Beach Ice Necklaceand Sense of Wonder BundleOn the way up the coast to Santa Barbara I wore the new Reece Sweater with the All Good Things Necklace, Santa Barbara Necklace, and Napa Valley Necklace

A lot of times when I travel you guys ask what bag I pack. I'm always carrying a Meanwhile Back on the Farm bag with me! My Camo one is awesome because it's also a backpack so it's perfect when I'm walking/ cruising on a bike and I can be totally hands free. I've had it for years and it's the best quality. I also am in love with this one. The leather is so gorgeous! This is the one that you just "throw everything in and it just seems to fit" bag. 

I got up the next morning I got up before the sun and went out for a sunrise on the beach which was just incredible!! I also finally got some work done on the coffee table book... I promise it's coming... I am bound and determined! I wore the Nashville Sweater with the Laguna Beach Earrings, Isle of Palms Necklace, Venice Beach Ice Necklace and the All Good Things Necklace. 

Later that afternoon I met up with Carrie and Tina and we went shopping! We went to Clic which is one of my top three favorite stores. I love the colors they pair together, it's always bursting with inspiration!

We had lunch at Bettina Pizzeria - we had the whipped ricotta a few pizzas and a caeser salad, it was delish!! I also love Merci Montecito and a visit to Butterfly Beach when I am there! If you've never explored the San Ysidro Ranch you should put it on your list... it's a beautiful ranch in the hills on Montecito! 

That afternoon we headed to Los Olivos to stay at The Inn at Mattei's TavernMy friends are so patient with me while I make them model their jewelry every night!! To dinner Tina wore the Los Olivos Earrings, the Healing Cotton Candy Gemstone Necklace with the Love & Luck Heart Charm and the Santa Monica Hills NecklaceCarrie wore the Monterey Hoops with the Vitality Blue Necklace, Nourish Your Soul Necklaceand Tiny Bits Turquoise Necklace.

The next morning we went to the most adorable coffee bar in the hotel and headed to brunch. and then headed on a FUN adventure... horseback riding!! It was so beautiful and I just love going riding!! We are planning to go to Bar Le Cote for dinner. I will fill you in on the rest of the details when I get back!! 

Thank you all so so much for shopping our California Coast Collection. I poured so much into this collection & you know I find so much inspiration being here. I'm so grateful that you are all here with me. I just love when you try on a piece of jewelry and it changes your perspective- maybe you take a chance on layering gemstone & delicate necklaces or you fall in love with a pair of statement earrings that you would typically never wear, or you create your own bracelet stack and it just makes your day a little better. I read a quote from @jesseitzler

"as you get older, it's harder to create newness in your life" -

and I totally agree with that..... It's easy to stick with what you are used to... the same restaurants, the same routine, the same drive or walk you take everyday... I hope that when you come to our page or shop our collections, you find a sense of newness & you feel a sense of confidence to shake it up a little and try something new. Try a new pair of hoops, rent an electric bike on vacation, take a different path on your morning walk, paint your nails a color your normally wouldn't choose...just shake it up a little because you might fall in love with something entirely new... I watch my kids try 100 new things a day: learn a new word, make a new friend, try a new game, go to a new park, learn a new song, try a new dance... As I get older, I never want to lose that curiousity, energy, and sense of newness. I also want to do my best to share it with you so that we all can inspire one another to keep our eyes wide open to the world.

Thank you for being here and for following along.


Love you guys.

Xo, erin

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