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Spring is coming!

Restocks and new favorites...

I know you guys loved the Triple Layer Neon Necklace, we just restocked and it will be perfect for spring and summer. While we're talking neon - the new LA necklace is great for layering. The June Lake Necklace is exactly like the LA Necklace and the Isabel Necklace except it's pink! The Kiawah Bracelets sold out in a flash and we were able to add two dozen of the pink version. The Napa Valley hat was the best seller from the California Coast Inspired Sale. We only have TWO of the Laid Back Living Tote left - this is the perfect beach bag! The Tiny Huggies have been restocked and are an essential in anyones collection. The San Francisco Necklace is one of my new favorites - it's just the happiest tiny beaded necklace. The Joshua Tree Earrings are so cool - gold hoops wrapped in ombre rafia! For all my turquoise lovers we just added the Half Moon Bay Earrings and the Malibu Earrings.  The Desert Rose Necklace is a mix of our favorite colors with freshwater pearls included throughout the necklace. A perfect blend of feminine and fun! We love this one layered with gold necklaces too! 


Have you tried our new Style Quiz?

Remember those quizzes in the front of Seventeen Magazine growing up? I used to LOVE taking them and seeing my results.... so I wanted to recreate that feeling for you on our website! You all are family and I wanted to learn more about you! Not only will it help you nail down your style and pick your next favorite piece, but will help us learn more about your individual styles and pieces you want to see more of. I promise it's totally fun and it will only take two minutes, PLUS there is a little treat at the end when you complete it! I hope you love your results. Click here to try it out!


You asked... I answered! 

While getting my haircut this week I had you submit some questions and wanted to share some answers with you here... 

"When are you going to have another pop-up with Meanwhile Back on The Farm?" I love our pop-ups with Meanwhile! Heather is one of my closest friends and she just pulls right up and sets up a booth full of goodies. Unfortunately, we can't do large events at my house anymore due to zoning in my neighborhood BUT we are working on something special together coming in time for Mother's Day! So we do have something coming and will probably do a pop-up together in Charlottesville soon! 

"I sent an email a few days ago and haven't heard back. Can I resend? I don't want to be rude!" You are not being rude AT ALL! Resend it and be sure to put something like "Please respond" in the subject line and I will get to it as soon as I can! My email is - if it is anything about packaging or shipping you can always email too. I try to keep up the best I can but sometimes get behind. 

"Tell us something fun about you we might not know!" This is a fun one! Two things... I was born on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, in the eleventh hour! I am also a french citizen! 

"What is your go-to appetizer?" I take a wheel of brie and cut it horizontally, spread fig preserves in the middle, wrap the wheel in pastry dough or Pilsbury crescent rolls and bake it at 350 for about 20 minutes. I serve it with pita chips, sliced apples and it's always a crowd pleaser! It's so yummy and creamy and melty. 

"I have three kids (similar ages to yours) and they fight all the time! Do your kids fight?" Are you kidding me...  of course they fight! I'm trying to do a better job of not getting involved - to me it's like nails on a chalk board listening to them fight. 


A few things to look forward to at Erin McDermott Jewelry... 

Kopal from Kopal Shop and I have something up our sleeves for you! We have been working on a home entertaining line together... They are incredible and I think y'all are going to be pretty happy! Each piece is hand made in India. Kopal designs a pattern, which is hand carved into a wooden block by artisans who have been practicing this craft for generations in India. This block is then used to hand stamp fabric in a method resulting in repeated pattern. You've seen me wear the dresses a ton and it really is a dream collaboration for me!!


We have a sample sale coming up!! Sample sales are so much fun - I have been collecting and making pieces for the sample sale and have it all set to the side and ready for you. Usually we have one in the beginning of the year and haven't done it yet because I wanted to do a few less sample sales and really blow them out of the water each time! This Friday the 10th - stay tuned for more details!


We are working hard on the coffee table book! We're wrapping up the initial design process and getting ready to send it off to print this spring. 

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