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Outfits Lately

My new shoes from Rothy's are making me so happy! They are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They have them in tons of different colors, but mine are the grey camo. I love to pair these with my favorite jeans that I always get asked about, and this basic shirt from target, I love the texture of this shirt. It's not as heavy as a sweatshirt but has more personality than a regular t-shirt. The black is really cute too and they have a hot pink.. can't beat $15. 

I went out to dinner with friends and I cornered one friend because I just had to know more about her outfit to share with you. I was going to ask all the girls but we got to chit-chatting and you know how that goes... This was her sweater from Free People - I love the chunky knit and they have it in a pretty baby blue too! This was the blouse she was wearing, and here is another similar style that would look so cute with a cardigan or jacket because the ruffles would pop out a bit. These are the jeans she was wearing and they are 30% off right now!

I have been wearing this jacket in stories and they only have a few more left in the beige color that I have, but I also love they grey. I paired it with this long sleeve tee that's only $12 from Target - I have it in every color and love love love it! You will be shocked by the quality. It's a nice thick cotton and I love that it's not fitted and tight but you could easily wear a sweater over it. I've also been loving this cream sweater from Madewell with my jacket!

Coffee Table Books

I did a round up on my favorite coffee table books, which make the best Christmas gifts! Surf Shack, Made for Living - I get great styling vibes from this one, How to Split Wood, Shuck and Oyster and Master Other Simple Pleasures - perfect to buy for the person who is hard to shop for - it's full of interesting random info and a great conversation starter. This book is perfect for any rose wine lover! Cuter hostess gift to bring along with a bottle of wine. If you are a fan of neutrals this is the book for you. I love the home style from Kelly Wearstler - it's fun with an unexpected twist. I love this one, every time I open it up I feel like I'm transported to the Wild West. And you can never go wrong with an Assouline book - I'm sure you've seen these brightly colored coffee table books all over the place... they are always beautiful. One of my all time favorites is 200 Women, it includes 200 women who will change the way you see the world!

Favorites around my house

 If you have ever gone out to breakfast, lunch or dinner with me... there's a 99% change at some point during the meal I ordered hot water with lemon. I drink it all the time... it calms me down, helps with digestion and I love drinking something hot in the winter (after I've already had my millionth cup of coffee...) I use this electric tea kettle every single day. You can choose your temperature and it heats up water to boiling in less than a minute. I like the way it looks too.

This is a major splurge... Bryan and I combined our Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and anniversary and bought it a few years ago. This machine and coffee is just so good. You'll love it. Add it to the wishlist!

These are my favorite elastic hair ties - comes in tons of colors and you get 100 hair ties for under $12. I use these every single day and they work perfectly on all three of my daughters too. They don't break your hair and have the perfect amount of stretch. 

It drives me nuts when my daughters' clothes slide off the hangers and just gather on the closet floor. I love these kids' hangers. They come in a pack of 30 and the clothes never slip off! 

I use this hand soap every day - it's a little treat every time you wash your hands. 

I use this jewelry stand every single day. I have them in my studio, in my closet and on my bathroom counter. It's only $25 and comes in several colors. Best way to keep your necklace and bracelets organized and detangled. Also a great gift for any jewelry lover! And while we are on the topic of organization... I love this 22 piece drawer organizer! I'm not an organized person so I need all the help I can get! I love and appreciate organized drawers but my natural tendency is to throw everything together and deal with it later. These organizers have been a game changer for me! I have them in my make-up drawer, junk drawer in the kitchen, studio and office!

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