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What I packed for Austin

My most recent trip to Austin was absolutely amazing. Not only did I get to reconnect with a group of incredibly talented women, my friend Mariel gave me a wonderful list of recommendations which I will share below.
Unfortunately I didn't get through the entire list, but now there's even more of a reason to go back!! 

Rosie's Wine Bar (@rosieswinebaraustin) was the cutest wine bar I ever did see, and then we walked across the street to Pecan Square Café (@pecansquarecafe) where we had the yummiest dinner. The interior of this restaurant was awesome, and I loved the framed artwork. Reminded me so much of our fans from Ghana! The colors, style, shape … everything!

Speaking of! My friend Adoma sent me a video from her village, and we have tons of fans coming our way.
Each fan takes a full day to complete, is made from elephant grass, and goes through a detailed 8-step process. I’m totally in awe of the colors, details, and beauty in each one. Stay tuned. 

While we were in Austin, I finally got to wear the beautiful dress that Kopal (@kopalshop) sent me. This is the company that we do all of our table linens with, so I know I’ve talked about them a million times. The Puja Dress is handblock printed, and I just think this dress is super cool because it’s so easy to wear. I love the material. I originally put on this dress with a knotted chambray shirt, but you could put a sweater over it, a jean jacket, whatever works best for you!! 

Here a few pieces that I styled the dress with: 

First on the list, the Austin Necklace. There's a couple things I love about this necklace. Not only is there an extender, it’s beaded on thread, and because of that, it’s very very flexible, which is great if you’re layering it with other pieces.

The Double Layer Heart Necklace is also one of my favorites because it literally goes with everything. I loved how it tied in the gold from the Tybee Island Bracelets, and the gold charm on the Austin Stack. So delicate, and cute. 

I threw on the Austin Bracelet Stack and a few of the bracelets from the Tybee Island Bracelet Bundle for a fun pop of magenta, and of course we can't forget about the Good Vibrations Clutch. We just restocked it, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s beaded, and it’s indigo, so it matched the dress perfectly.

Last but not least, my sunglasses and my lipstick. My sunglasses were from Krewe, they are the Jena pair, and my lipstick was from PYT Beauty. I went with the shade ‘Bare All.' It was my first time wearing it, and I loved how neutral it was. 

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