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My Tiny Trifecta

Erin McDermott daughters

My mom said I didn’t crack a smile till I was 3 years, legit, poker face, 24/7. It’s those little quirks I love about our kids.

The fact that given the choice, Georgia would only wear one yellow shirt for the rest of her life and to eat sticks of butter dipped in sugar for breakfast.

And Coco...from the day she was born she was more organized than me and had a full game plan for her life.

Gwynnie just discovered she has a bellybutton and she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Kids are funny and at the core of it, they are pretty much all the same.

Erin McDermott and daughter CoCo


Almost 5 years ago, this little girl rocked my world. Right from the get-go, she was strong willed, independent, energetic, “spirited.”

She was our most challenging baby. She never wanted to cuddle, never wanted be rocked, and (still) doesn’t sleep through the night.

She challenges me and exhausts me but at the end of the day, she can make me laugh like no one else. Her enthusiasm for life inspires me to seek out adventures on a daily basis.

She is sensitive, strong-willed, non-stop, and so damn funny. It’s impossible not to adore her little personality.

I have come to learn that she was put into my life to teach me more about myself than I would have ever thought possible. She is contagious and I hope I catch everything she has.

Georgia White


She’s gonna move mountains.

It took us years to get pregnant with Coco (lots of help from Reach Fertility Center here in Charlotte) and Georgia was a complete surprise! I actually ran the NYC Marathon with Bryan while I was pregnant with Georgia and had no idea she was just hanging out in my tummy during those 26.2 miles. My little Georgie Peach is sensitive, curious, and shy.  She has always been a little cuddle bunny and even thought she tries to give off a tough exterior, deep inside she is a complete lump of sugar and loves to be loved.

Erin McDermott + daughter Gwynnie


Right after Gwynnie was born, Coco was holding her for the first time and looked right at her and said, “Well baby, I hope you like living with us. It’s really fun and we like to get crazy.” 😆

Gwynnie is the sweetest, go-with-the-flow, joyful angel to join our crazy little family.

This little one is pure sunshine and LOVES being the little sister. She adores Coco & Georgia and thinks that they are pretty much the best toys ever! She's the glue and keeps us smiling even when things are chaotic and exhausting. 

There are plenty of days when parenting seems nearly impossible with non-stop tantrums and meltdowns with three girls. But, the funny thing about kids: They are the reason we lose it and the reason we hold it together.

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