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Kopal x Erin McDermott Jewelry Collaboration

Table Linen Collaboration with Kopal

I'm so excited about the launch of our new Collaboration Textile Collection with one of our favorite textile designers, Kopal. For years, I have loved the clothing designs from this company based out of Byron Bay, Australia. Their store is in a section of Byron Bay that sounds a lot like Venice Beach (you know my love of a California beach vibe) and a little bit like a slice of paradise! I have admired the hand-block printing, the vibrant colors and Kopal's dedication to using sustainable, traditional methods of printing, and the highest quality cotton and natural dyes. We've joined together to create an entertaining line that is beyond anything I could have imagined. 

Together, we're bringing you two styles of tablecloths and two styles of napkins. The tablecloth size is so great because it can fit an 8 foot table, a 6 foot table or even fold it up for a smaller table! The napkins come in a set of four.  

Everything that we're launching is hand block printed in India. It's a method of textile printing using carved wooden blocks. Intricate designs are carved into the blocks and are stamped into the cloth with vegetable dyes. We have been working together to design this line for the past year and Kopal has sent me clips of visiting India and the behind-the-scenes of our table linens being made by hand. Each one is made and designed just for us and it has been so cool to watch the process. Head over to my Table Linens Highlight on Instagram to see some of the behind the scenes of the printing process. The work that has gone into each one of these pieces by the talented artisans is just unbelievable.

Kopal and I chose the colors, the designs (all of which she hand drew), the shades and pigments. We chose colors that are some of my favorite colors that we use in our own jewelry and colors that I think would look great in just about everyone's homes and in any season. I'm literally going to leave mine out all the time even if I'm not having people over because I love the colors so much! 

I originally wanted to do this line with Kopal, not only because the linens and fabrics are amazing, but also because I love to entertain! When I have people over I don't want to have to stress over it - I want to put something out that already speaks on it's own and mix it with my collection. These linens are meant to be used to make entertaining and gathering with friends fun and effortless. Mix and match these with your favorite pottery, china, or plastic to create a carefree environment that feels creative and one-of-a-kind. Whether you dress an evening up with candles and champagne flutes or use these linens for an outdoor farm-to-table picnic, they will soon become your go-to for every event! I really hope you love them as much as I do! 

What are the dimensions? 

Tablecloths: 59" by 110" // roughly 5ft by 9 feet (you can also fold up the edges or fold in half to make smaller)

Napkins are 20" by 20"

How do we clean the textiles? You can either hand-wash or wash on a cold water delicate cycle and hang in the shade to dry. 


Some other newness from EMJ!

The latest warmer weather is making me want to take all the bright colored jewelry out to share! I love the colors of our new Watermelon Margarita Bracelets - it's a set of three stretch bracelets with shades of hot pink, coral and raspberry lemonade. They remind me of strawberry lemonade, flamingos, raspberry sorbet and watermelon margaritas! The new Raspberry Sorbet Earrings are a really pretty raspberry pink color - they are resin and super lightweight. I layered them with the Gold Essential Necklace and the Tiny Beaded Rectangle Necklace. We also restocked two dozen of the Napa Valley Hat - we are so glad that you are loving this! We also just launched the Sonoma Necklace and there are only a few left! It's equal parts statement and laid-back neutral - perfect for every season and the loveliest mix of wood and resin. Remember the Neon Triple Strand Necklace? We just got it in stock in Hot PinkIt's lovely paired with our new Green Malachite Gemstone Necklace. 

This Be Cool Neon Clutch might be the coolest clutch we've ever carried... it's double sided neon with a wooden handle and the inside is fully lined! We've been selling this style clutch for 4 years and we've never had neon. 


 My favorite layering look lately...

I'm constantly switching up my layers but this trio has been on repeat lately. It's easy to transform a white t-shirt with your favorite layers, plus I'm only wearing two necklaces here, but it looks like I'm wearing 5 separate necklaces... The first necklaces is the Triple Layer Disc Necklace - three separate delicate strands on one necklace. I paired it with the Grey Morning Coffee Necklace - this necklace is made from bamboo cord and gold nuggets. It can be worn long or wrapped twice like pictured below. This has been a staple in our collection for 8 years! 


Sunday Faves

You know I love finding cool artists and makers you might not know about... check out below for a few I recently discovered and wanted to share! I love the way each one uses color... makes me so happy and gives me inspiration to start the week.  









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