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Blackberry Farm & Mountain

Recently Bryan and I took a long weekend to enjoy a spot that has been on our bucket list for years, Blackberry Farm!


Just trying to get out of town is so hard…. this was NOT easy to plan – the logistics with work/kids/life when trying to get out of town for 48 hours are nearly impossible! My parents came in from Virginia, we dropped Gwynnie off at Bryan’s parents in Knoxville and all the details and masks and bus stops and daycare…. It feels like we are trying to move mountains!! When we finally got in the car, we decided to have fun and were so glad we were taking the time to do so.


When we first got there, we didn’t even know what to do because it was so quiet! They took us on a tour of the grounds, and it was SO beautiful and dressed up for the holidays.

Our dinner reservation was set for 8:45 and we called to move it up because the thought of going to bed at 9pm and sleeping soundly without any interrupted sleep ‘till whenever sounded too amazing – so we moved it up to 6:30.

We slept like a rock and tried to sleep-in, but we were too excited to explore… we headed out for our first hike/run together since our Everest hike and this one was a bit easier.


We spent the rest of the beautiful rainy day having an incredible facial and exploring their sister property Blackberry Mountain. We went to a wine tasing and a hidden library at the very top of the mountain. The décor of the entire place is so cool…. I love all the original artwork.

We went back to the farm, and both worked for a few hours before dinner – everyone tells me to check out when I travel but the truth is… I love my work. Working brings me energy and creativity and when I travel, I’m inspired, and I want to share it with you. I think of you as family and when I see something I think you will like, I pick up my phone and show you. I took so many photos of colors, nature, artists, brands, music, menu and anything else that caught my eye.


I reached out to a company I saw at the blackberry farm gift shop to ask if they’d like to collaborate on something. Then I added a song I heard in the wine cellar at Blackberry Mountain to a playlist I’m working on for you. I found a sweater in the gift shop and the colors in the sweater are going to inspire a spring jewelry collection for me. Even the labels on the soap in the bathroom and spa make me think about branding. Everything I see gets me thinking about life and the direction of my business. For me, it’s more stressful to “turn off” – I love sharing what I see and constantly thinking about new ways we can expand our business. I’m just grateful you are along the ride with me… I love your perspective and embrace your ideas.


Thanks for coming along on another adventure with me… head to my Instagram to see my Blackberry Farm highlight with many more videos and pictures from our trip… love you! xoxo, Erin

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