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Zodiac Charm Necklaces

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We love these tiny gold zodiac charms!  I bet there is a strong chance that at some point, someone has asked you your astrological sign. There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, specific traits, desires, and attitude towards life and people. These are some special traits from each sign. We found this list from Goop and it gives a little insight to the personality of each one:

Aries: Bold, brave courage to do the right thing no matter who is watching.

Taurus: Steady, calm, and reliable in the face of any adversity.

Gemini: Wise, informed, thoughtful communications.

Cancer: Nurturing, containing, and soothing of all difficulties.

Leo: Radiant, creative, expressive love to all in need.

Virgo: Service for the highest good with impeccable boundaries.

Libra: Balanced, poised diplomacy and an unflappable ability to listen with equanimity.

Scorpio: Deep, transformative power for healing trauma and fear.

Sagittarius: Embodied wisdom, positivity, and unwavering optimism.

Capricorn: Stellar integrity and contributions that last lifetimes.

Aquarius: Visionary for the highest good of humanity.

Pisces: Ultimate compassion and empathy with complete faith in people’s ability to rise up from adversity.


If you are unsure of your sign, use the dates below to help you:


 Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

 Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

 Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

 Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

 Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

 Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

 Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

 Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

 Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

 Capricornus (Goat): December 22–January 19

 Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

 Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

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