Three Lovely Neutrals
Erin McDermott Jewelry

Three Lovely Neutrals

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We have combined together three of our favorite neutral necklace to create a look that is perfect for any season or situation! 

1. Itsy Wishbone Necklace -I’ve always been drawn to wishbones & I carry a gold wishbone in my purse everywhere I go. I also have one on my key chain and now I wear one around my neck.  The wishbone hangs from an extremely lightweight and delicate 14Kgold-filled chain. Make a wish and wear this necklace until your wish comes true (and then a little more)!

2. Blonde Salted Caramel Necklace - 25” in length and just a little over an inch in diameter! Layer this sweet piece with your favorite earrings and bracelet and you’re all set to walk out the door!

3. Canyon Sky Necklace - The Canyon Sky Necklace is one of the easiest necklaces for layering! A special beaded piece mixing wood and white turquoise   Fresh and natural - this is great over a breezy dress, neutral sweater or cute jean jacket.


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