One Love Eye Serum
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One Love Eye Serum

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My husband grew up spending the summer in St. Simons Island in Georgia. We love to visit and to bring the kids each summer. One of my favorite things about St. Simons is the ability to ride your bike everywhere. A couple years ago I came across this sweet store called "One Love Organics" and fell in love with the skincare products. The products are all natural, ethical, and environmentally driven and created by skilled cosmetic artisans on St. Simons Island, GA. The eye serum is my favorite and I wanted to share it with you! I use it in the morning and at night and it definitely  perks up my tired under-eye soothes my skin and brightens up my face. 

Eye Serum is crafted from a potent combination of plant actives, specifically botanical eyebright, astaxanthin, green tea oil and sea kale, making it a results-oriented formula loaded with antioxidant nutrition and ultra-nourishing moisture, but light enough to be ideal for daytime use. Love + Eyebright also pairs perfectly with makeup!

Featuring actives like botanical eyebright and sea kale, Love + Eyebright Eye Serum was thoughtfully crafted for the delicate, thin skin around the eyes. This part of your face contains less oil glands than the rest of your skin, plus is the first to be exposed to the elements, so it requires specific TLC in the form of targeted antioxidants and fast-absorbing, ultra-nourishing moisture. 

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