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Going, Going, Fast..Flash Sale Thursday!

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Flash Sale Thursday - 50% off!

We thought you needed a new Fall Layering piece or maybe the perfect pair of earrings & necklace to wear together! We know how much you love our Resin Watercolor Earrings Collection, so we're bringing you this awesome Caramel & Mocha Resin Necklace. A great neutral and you'll end up wearing it everyday this Fall!
Pair this necklace with one of our Flash Sale Earrings today. The new TINY gold leaves or the Moonlit Hoop Earrings. These will match perfectly without being too "match-matchy."

1. Caramel and Mocha Tortoise Necklace - 28" length!! We LOVE this piece!

2. Tiny Leaf Earrings - The NEW Tiny Leaf Earrings are as lightweight and as delicate as a feather. We know how much you enjoy the larger version of these, so we decided to give you a different (tinier) version too.  These are great to switch up with your Everyday Earrings or Joyful teardrop Earrings. They barely hang 1"  from the earlobe and look lovely when the catch the light. Although they are simple enough to wear to work or just to throw on with a pair of yoga pants, they are still fun and different! These are about the size of a dime.

3.  Moonlit Hoop Earrings - A fun pair of hammered gold hoops with a gunmetal silver wrap on either side. Hoops hang about 1.5" and are a lightweight  variety of a classic gold hoop.


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