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Get the Look - Sweet Summer Layers

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1. Barely There White Quartz Necklace - A delicate white druzy is encased in gold and hangs softly in the middle of a lightweight gold chain. A great neutral piece that adds a little bit of loveliness to your day!

2. Ice Gemstone Necklace-Designing itsy-bitsy little layering necklaces is one of our favorite things to do, and many of you have been asking for just a tiny clear gemstone pop. This is the necklace for you!

3. Gold Bar Necklace - This necklace comes with the word "LOVE" engraved into it, however, we encourage you to choose your own word, motto, initials or numbers that are dear to your heart! Along with dates, coordinates and initials, a few of our favorite words this year have been: love. i am enough. true. believe. journey. happiness. new beginnings. one year. remember. laugh. forget. move on. prioritize. family first. now. fearless. joy. grace. god - always-wins. 

4. Little Honeybee Necklace - A sweet little gold honeybee hangs on a delicate chain. Honeybee is only 1/4" and should remind you to savor the honey of life – the sweet moments and memories – with all of your heart. A bee also symbolizes hard work & dedication.

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