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Breezy Summer Days

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We are so excited to bring you the *NEW* Morning Coffee Tassel Necklace! We've used your favorite colors to create a necklace that can be worn layered with others or individually! We've paired this necklace with 4 other cuties and offering you 30% off the entire look today! Items can be purchased on item to see the price.

1. Sweet Star Dreamer Necklace- We found these sweet start mother of pearl stones and knew that they would be perfect for a delicate little necklace. I've always loved stars - reminding us to look up and to dream. 

2. Itsy Little Wishbone Necklace-I’ve always been drawn to wishbones & I carry a gold wishbone in my purse everywhere I go. I also have one on my key chain and now I wear one around my neck.  The wishbone hangs from an extremely lightweight and delicate 14Kgold-filled chain.

3. Gold & White Wrapped Bar Necklace-Hand-wrapped silver bar in distressed gold and cream leather.

4. Colorful Ombre Morning Coffee Necklace -We know how much you love our Morning Coffee Necklaces! We have designed a new collection for spring & summer from colorful dyed ombre cotton bamboo! These look great mixed with the original Morning Coffee Necklaces. 

5. Morning Coffee Tassel Necklaces-The Morning Coffee Necklaces have been a best-seller for us, so we decided to add a few small tassels to this necklace to make it perfect for layering! Our long tassel necklace is one-of-a-kind with a great mix of fun, style, and chic.

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