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Get the Look - Relaxation Style

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We paired a couple of our favorite necklaces (and a few new ones) to create a look that's perfect with a V-neck t-shirt or bathing suit!

*The length of each necklace will be the length shown in photo, but if you would like a different length, feel free to leave us a note in the "notes section" or email us: - Also, the delicate necklaces come in gold, but if you would like them made in silver, please let us know.


1. Baby Chevron Necklace - A super cute little "V" sits right by your collarbone. This is a great one if you are looking for a signature gold necklace.

2. Star Necklace (made from Mother of Pearl) - We love Mother of Pearl & so happy that we found this special stone in the shape of a heart! So sweet!

3. Gold Bar Necklace - Always a favorite!! Feel free to request a word, motto, name, date, or initials engraved any in  this necklace

4. Extra Long Birds of Paradise Necklace - This long strand of beads can be wrapped around THREE times to create a chunky necklace, wrapped twice or just worn long! Great color and so versatile!